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Start writing. Get paid. Seize life.

It’s time to grab life by the balls, escape your mundane existence
and start that freelance writing career you’ve always wondered about.


I’m Karen Marston and I help people start writing businesses they can run from anywhere in the world.

homeprofileSo, just how much longer are you going to put this off, exactly?

How many more days, weeks, months are you going to elbow your dreams aside, instead choosing this:

  • The mundane trudge to work every day
  • Dealing with your boss, who is (probably) a moron
  • Being told what to do, which is usually something stupid/pointless/boring
  • An unsettling notion that the work you do day in, day out is slowly stealing your soul
  • That restless feeling that something isn’t quite right – that life could be better somehow

Or maybe none of the above applies, and this is just something you’ve always wanted to do. But you don’t think you can. You’re not good enough. Or maybe you’ve just been too afraid to find out.

But now the time has come. Hasn’t it? If you want to do this, there are just three things you need:

  1. A flair for – and love of – writing
  2. The determination to do whatever it takes
  3. The belief you can make this work

If you’re missing anything from that list, I’m betting it’s the last thing. I will bet you FIVE BRITISH POUNDS it’s the last thing.

Without belief in yourself, you’ll never even try. You’ll be too afraid you’ll fail. What if you get shot down by a prospective client? What if somebody doesn’t like what you’ve written? What if a client asks you to rewrite something from scratch because this just isn’t good enough?

Not going to lie to you: those things could all happen. Fuck, they probably will happen. They happened to me. But hey, I’m still here, making this work.

And now I want to help you achieve what I have: work you love, that you can do on your own terms, from anywhere in the world (so long as you have a computer and an internet connection). In short: ultimate freedom.

Because this is your life, god damn it. Not your boss’s. Not your friends’. Not even your family’s. And certainly not bloody society’s. Yes: this is your life. And you have to start taking responsibility for it – for your own happiness – or else resign yourself to a mediocre existence forevermore. One in which you’ll always wonder what if.

What if you could make a living from writing?
What if you could work from home (or a coffee shop, or an island paradise, or your sexy lover’s bed)?
What if you could spend more time with your family? Or doing things that make you feel alive?
What if you could quit your shitty job, or even just your tiresome, uninspiring one?
What if you could lead the life you want to live, instead of the one you think you have to live?

Spoiler alert: YOU CAN. And I’m here to help you do it.

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