4 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Cold Email Pitches


If you’re not getting responses to your cold emails, it’s highly likely you’re making one of these dumb mistakes. Or maybe all of them! Either way, you need to fix them if you want to get better results. 1. Forgetting to Replace Template Details If you work from a template message when you email leads, […]

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James Robinson: An Untamed Writing Success Story

James Robinson

James, from the UK, took Start SEO Writing way back in August 2014, back when it was still known as The Quickstart Class. James was a star pupil of mine, and I’ve loved watching his progress — both in business and in life. Not long after completing the course, he moved to Australia for a […]

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My Latest 28-Day Experiment: Food-Logging


It’s been a while since I talked about the 28-day experiments I started conducting earlier this year. The last time was back at the beginning of July, right before my trip to America. So — have I done any more experiments since I got home months ago? YES! Well, I’ve done one. And I’m still […]

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How to Edit and Proofread Your Own Work Better


I find catching mistakes in my own work very easy. Sure, the occasional typo slips into a blog post, but mostly I manage to sweep them all out before I publish. And I do it immediately after I’ve finished writing the first draft (usually). I often advise other people to take a break from their […]

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Life as a Freelancer and Mother of Toddlers: An Interview with Gina Horkey

Gina Horkey

I met Gina — a fellow freelance writer/biz owner — on Twitter a few months ago, and we quickly to decided to hop on a Google Hangout to get to know each other a bit better, as you do. (Oh internets, I love you.) I’d noticed Gina floating around the web when she started writing […]

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Why You Need to Back Up Your Shit (and How to Do It)


If you’ve visited Untamed Writing over the past few days, you may have noticed it’s been, er, absent. I first noticed on Monday afternoon that the site wasn’t loading properly. Occasionally it would appear, but usually? No dice. I had a Skype call with a client that afternoon, and I figured the problem would have […]

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