Life as a Digital Nomad and Fiction Editor: An Interview with Sophie Playle


Over the past year or so, Sophie Playle has become one of my closest friends. We first met in person shortly after I wrote this blog post (yup, she was one of my ‘writer friends’ in Norwich), and she was there in Berlin with me when I was inspired to write this blog post. Sophie’s […]

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Why I Won’t Be Launching My New Blog After All


You may remember back in June I announced I was going to start a new blog — a more personal one. After a life-affirming week in Berlin, I remembered what life was all about (again), and that it shouldn’t all revolve around this business. I should do things like skydiving and travelling more and learning […]

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How to Find Your Writing Voice


Last week I talked about how it’s insanely important to use your voice. But where the fuck is it? How do you find it? Fortunately for you, I know where it’s hiding. It’s NOT in your emails to work colleagues, in the essays you wrote for college, nor in the formal letters you write to […]

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Darwin Ruiz: An Untamed Writing Success Story


I met Darwin over beers in San Francisco, after we became acquainted online through the Location Rebel forums. I told Darwin about this new idea I had for a course to teach people how to become freelance writers in the quickest and easiest way possible — the same way I had become a freelance writer […]

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The Stupidly Huge Importance of Finding Your Voice

Screenshot 2015-09-15 22.59.32

This is an excerpt from my new course, Start Content Writing. You’re a writer, so the ultimate deciding factor on whether somebody decides they want to hire you or not is how you write. Duh. And the thing that makes your writing appealing to someone? It’s not your impeccable grammar or your knack for using […]

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Should You Offer Other Services Alongside Writing?


One of the students on my new course emailed me about his idea to add some other services to his new writing business — services such as web development, UX design, SEO, etc. He already has experience in them, so why not, right? One of his points was that, ‘Versatility can be your advantage, especially […]

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