What I Learned from Going to My Work Space First Thing Every Morning


It was just over three weeks ago that I decided my new productivity experiment would be to get washed and dressed as soon as I got up every morning, and to head over to my unofficial office (i.e. a bench overlooking the sea inside a shopping centre) to do some work. Here’s what I said: […]

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4 Things You DON’T Need to Become a Freelance Writer

Karen Marston

Do you ever feel like you can’t get started with this freelance writing shebang just yet, because there’s this thing you need before you can really ‘get into it’? If so, I’m guessing that ‘thing’ is one of the following. Excuse me while I sully the good name of your excuses. 1. A MacBook (or […]

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4 Things More Important for Success than Writing Ability

I’ve met some cocky people in my time who seem to think that just because they’re talented writers, they deserve to be hugely successful freelancers. BUT THEY’RE WRONG. Writing ability is just one slice of the freelance-writing pie. Here are some other of the other slices: 1. Confidence Are you sick of me banging on […]

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How to Raise Your Freelance Writing Rates with Cheapskate Clients


I get asked this a lot. How do you raise your rates with clients who are paying you a pittance? So this is kind of a trick question. Or trick headline. Whatever. Because the thing is, trying to raise your rates with clients who don’t understand value is almost impossible. These guys view you as […]

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The One Thing You Need to Learn to Say to Asshole Clients


I’m about to blow your mind: you don’t have to take on every single client who’s willing to give you money. If somebody approaches you with work and you get a big old case of the heebie jeebies — you just know something is not right here — TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF. Or, you […]

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How to Block Out Distractions and Focus on Your Work


I’ve spent the past two hours writing. I’m in a shopping centre that was playing godawful peppy music when I arrived. I’d been awake for approximately 45 minutes and was not ready for godawful peppy music. I’m never ready for that shit. It was early in the day, so there wasn’t much ambient sound to […]

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