31 Signs You Should Start Your Own Business

Fuck it.

  1. You get frustrated when morons you work with have more responsibility than you.
  2. That includes your boss, who is definitely a moron.
  3. You don’t cope well with being told what to do.
  4. You think it’s fucking stupid having to go to work for a set amount of time, when you can easily get all your work done in the first couple of hours.
  5. You think it’s fucking stupid having to go to work at a specific time. So long as you do your work, what does it matter when you arrive?
  6. You think staying late to “make yourself look good” is idiotic. Why is it a good thing that you take a fucking ice age to do what needs doing?
  7. Two words: middle management.
  8. Having to request permission to take time off — what is that all about? This is your life, isn’t it?
  9. Speaking of: vacation time, or lack thereof. Not cool.
  10. Why the hell should you spend your entire life doing shit that helps other people make money, anyway? You could put your intellect to good use making your own damn money.
  11. COMMUTING. Sitting in traffic for an hour in the morning, and an hour on the way home. Wow. This is what you do with your life now? THIS is how you spend your time?
  12. Waking up to an alarm every morning = never getting enough sleep = feeling like shit all the time. Getting enough sleep is so so so important, and you hate the fact that your job prevents you from doing so.
  13. You also hate that your job prevents you from, well, doing anything the way you think it should be done. Abiding by arbitrary bullshit rules because some douche in a suit decided that’s how things should be done. UGH.
  14. Somebody else decides how much money you make, and that’s that. You want more money? Jump through some hoops, bitch.
  15. You’re sick of dealing with nonsense paperwork that doesn’t fucking matter.
  16. And just generally not being trusted to do things of your own accord.
  17. You have big ideas. Big dreams. Big things you want to do with your life. And you resent the fact that your job halts you in your tracks.
  18. You want to spend more time with your family.
  19. With your friends.
  20. Doing things you want to do. Going places you want to go. Seeing things you want to see.
  21. Every day, you experience this draining, grey feeling that what you’re doing doesn’t really matter. None of it matters.
  22. You know there are things you could do that would matter. Things that would make a real difference in the world, to other people, to those you care about. To yourself.
  23. You’re so bored of doing the same shit day in, day out.
  24. Your life is starting to feel like Groundhog Day.
  25. You really wish you could just spend one fricking day without a suit or fancy clothes or a uniform on. Why does it fucking matter what clothes you wear? Surely you could wear a fucking gorilla suit so long as you did a good job?
  26. You’re really really really good at your job, but you get no recognition or reward for it. Or worse, nobody cares.
  27. You constantly think to yourself, “Oh god. Is this it?”
  28. You would love to just be able to say, “You know what? I’ve been working hard lately. I’m going to take today off,” and suffer no repercussions, except maybe having to spend twice as long answering emails the next day.
  29. In fact, just being able to take time off, whenever you want, without having to report to anyone else, would be pretty fucking sweet.
  30. You know, deep down, that your life is worth more than this.
  31. And, most of all, you just want to be free.
  32. So — let’s hear it. What are your biggest reasons for wanting to leave your job and start your own biz? And if you’ve already done it, what made you take the leap? Leave a comment down below.

    Photo by: Travis Hornung.

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