13 Things You Do to Fuck Up Your Productivity

13 Things Productivity

1. Sleep with your phone by your bed and then check it — for approximately an hour — as soon as you wake up.

2. And maybe even in the middle of the night, amirite? Because there’s nothing like a bright light in your face to help you get back to sleep.

3. Go to bed too late.

4. Get up to an alarm, AKA get up before you’ve had enough sleep, AKA the worst thing ever.

5. Start your day with no fucking idea what you need to do.

6. Leave everything till the last minute, just like you’re still in school.

7. Slob around in your PJs all morning, feeling gross and unmotivated.

8. Edit as you write (the cardinal sin of writers).

9. Try to make everything perfect.

10. Have your email (or Facebook or Twitter or whatever) open ALL THE TIME and check it EVERY FIVE SECONDS.

11. Have pinging notifications on your phone for every fucking app, which throw you off every time you ‘get into the zone’. (Can’t say ‘get into the zone’ without using quotes, otherwise I feel douchey.)

12. Work in the same place as you relax, and constantly confuse your brain about what you’re supposed to be doing right now anyway.

13. Never plan anything, ever, because planning is for losers and spontaneity is awesome. Until you realise how hard that makes running a business.

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    1. Damn, kick a man when he’s down much? 11/13. Eleven things out of a potential thirteen that’s messing with my productivity chi. Oh well, phone’s going in another room tonight. Cheers for the kicking Karen ;)

        1. Well, if I slobbed around in my PJ’s every morning my boss might have something to say. This could be a problem though when I make the jump to fulltime freelancing.
          But I’m pretty good at not editing as I write. A benefit of taking part in Nanowrimo. Trying to write 50,000 words in a month while editing what you write? Ain’t no-one got time for that. Editing AFTER I write is more of a problem :/

    2. Best thing I’ve found is to go to the local library (which is actually a huge five storey building with loads of work space). You have to pay for wifi there by getting a complicated and fussy printed-out code. Having a day in a work-environment without bloody wifi is a god-send. Otherwise at home I tend to pontificate way too much…

      1. Sounds fab, Steve! Yes, I have a spot I go to when I want to do some distraction-free work – although now that I’ve joined a new co-working space, I’m being more productive than ever, even with wifi! (Plus, it’s really hard to mark my students’ work without wifi.)

      2. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing my writing away from home, but living in the middle of nowhere has its disadvantages.
        Bonus marks for use of the word ‘pontificate.’

    3. I can’t get enough of your blog. THANK you for being so blunt with your advice and not being afraid to tell it like it is. I get annoyed at people who are too afraid to speak their minds. Also: I’ve been freelancing 18 years and I am not a morning person. It’s helped me a great deal to work with my body’s natural rhythm. I’m much more productive in the afternoon/evening. However, if I have a meeting or something I just do earlier, I just fucking do it. Anyway, you’ve become my favorite blogger. So glad I found Untamed Writing.

      1. Wow, thanks so much, Bev! I’m honoured. Also, YES – listen to your body. It knows how to treat you right.

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