Announcing Start Content Writing: Build a Freelance Writing Business You Love from Scratch

Announcing SCW

Back in January, in a post about my goals for the year, I mentioned two courses I planned to create: The Advanced Class and The Master Class. I ran the first iteration of The Advanced Class behind the scenes with some of my veteran students during the first few weeks of the year. It was a course about how to score highly paid blogging gigs.

I intended for The Master Class to be a similar course, only about copywriting. However, after running The Advanced Class for the first time, I decided something didn’t feel quite right about it. For one thing, the name is atrocious and gives zero indication of what the course is about when severed from its tagline (ditto The Master Class and The Quickstart Class).

But mostly, a course solely about blogging just didn’t feel right to me. I thought it was a fun idea to have courses that naturally progressed: from SEO writing to blogging to copywriting. But the thing is, I wanted all of them to be suitable for complete beginners. So somebody who had already set up a blogging business wouldn’t very well want to take an entire course about how to set up a copywriting business, when really the only information they wanted was about the craft of copywriting itself.

Besides, some people might not know whether they wanted to do blogging or copywriting. How would they know which course to take?

So after The Advanced Class wrapped up, I gathered my thoughts, and for the whole of this year my mind has slowly been working it out. What I need to create, I mean. And now, I’m happy to report, I’ve got the answer.

The new course, which launches on 14 September, is called Start Content Writing: Build a freelance writing business you love from scratch in 6 weeks, and it will incorporate both blogging and copywriting, as well as a diving into the specifics of a few different types of writing you may be hired to write.

Essentially, this course will show people how I would create a freelance writing business if I went back to the start, knowing what I now know from three years of experience.

In case you’re wondering why I’m okay with the separation of SEO writing and blogging+copywriting, but not the separation of blogging and copywriting, well — it’s because the two courses will appeal to different types of people, and making the decision about which one is right for you should be easy.

Start SEO Writing (that’s the new name for The Quickstart Class) is for people who want to start making money ASAP and don’t care if the writing isn’t fulfilling or well paid.

Start Content Writing is for people who aren’t so bothered about making money quickly as they are about building a writing business that feels right to them and is unique to them — that is, one that’s focussed on their unique talents, temperaments and topics.

So, with all that out of the way, I’m proud to announce the latest in the Untamed Writing catalogue. You can find out everything you need to know about it here:

START CONTENT WRITING: Build a Freelance Writing Business You Love from Scratch in 6 Weeks

Registration is open now and the course will commence on Monday 14 September. If you have any questions about it, feel free to email me at and I’ll answer any concerns you have and help you figure out whether the course is right for you.

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