What I Read in March 2017

‘This month will be better,’ I said. Hahahaha. Can you believe I only read one book in March as well? Over the past two months, I have only read two books? Christ. By this time last year, I had read 32 books. This year? I’m up to, um… six. God. Okay, THIS month really will be better. And I know this because I am already on track to finish two […]

Get $1700’s Worth of Writers’ Goodies for $99

I’ve been umming and ahhing about this post all day. Should I write up a blog post about the importance of investing in yourself as a writer, and then pitch the sale at the end? Or should I point out what I love about one of the people whose product’s included? Or… should I go trademark Karen and just tell it like it is? Yeah, that last one. That sounds […]

My 2017 Goals: A Quarterly Check-In

I decided to do things differently this year. Rather than slinging together a list of resolutions – random things it’d be kinda cool to achieve by the end of the year – I chose to focus instead on building up three simple daily practices. The three practices are: writing, reading and exercising. I purposely chose to make them easily doable: Write 400 words a day, no matter what. Paper journalling […]

On Writing: How Much Description is TOO Much?

When I left for Portugal back in October, I took one book with me. And the countless ones on my Kindle, of course. But my Kindle barely got a look in. I was determined to finish this paper book before I moved out of my Lisbon apartment, you see. That never happened. So then I became determined to finish it before I left Porto, before I flew back to Edinburgh […]

What I Read in February 2017

Wow. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I did not read during February. I finished a grand total of one book, which is bad by my standards (though, er, not unheard of). I credit this abysmal reading month largely to the fact that I spent most of it in Seville, staying in an apartment with literally nowhere comfortable to sit and read. Although lying on the bed is one of […]

A Life-Changing Mantra for the Unconfident Writer

Are you one of those freelance writers who panics about not being good enough? And so shies away from seeking out new clients? Or from raising your rates? Going after bigger, better work? I’m betting you are. I mean, there’s like an 80% chance that you are. Unless you’re not a writer and are just here for the awesome logo (LOOK CLOSER) and witty repartee, in which case, well, hi, […]

What I Read in January 2017

A new exciting year of reading is ahead of us! Me? My year got off to a decidedly Japanese start, with my first three books all being about Japan or by Japanese authors. And then after that I read another book which was not at all Japanese and not as good. Correlation? Coincidence? Who can say. Here’s what I read: What I Read in January Attack on Titan, Vol. 20, […]

What I Read in December 2016

Ooh, the final month of the year and my last chance to hit my target of 75 books for the year. Did I make it? Didn’t I? COURSE I DID. On 31 December, naturally. Though I guess if you read my review of 2016, you knew that already. I racked up a few more reads after I returned to Edinburgh for the holidays, making up for my rather lacklustre reading […]

My 2017 Goals

Last year I gave myself a shit-ton of goals. Ten ‘main’ goals, many of which encompassed several smaller things. I accomplished precisely three of these in the way I intended: learning how to control my ulcerative colitis through diet alone, exploring more of Scotland, and reading 75 books. I sort-of achieved four more, and with the final three I didn’t even try. The three that I didn’t even try? Learning […]

2016: A Year in Review

Well. Well, well, well. In comparison to 2015, 2016 got off to a roaring good start. For me, at least. (Not so much for my beloved Goblin King.) This time last year, I was residing in my beautiful, perfectly situated Edinburgh apartment – and living alone for the first time ever in my life, which has always been a dream of mine. I was about to call it a bucket […]