Common Traits of Badass Business Owners (An Introduction to Untamed Writing)

An Introduction to Untamed Writing

Welcome to Untamed Writing, a hub for badass business owners who aren’t afraid to break the rules. Step right up for your daily* dose of sage biz advice and spanktacular web writing services.

Glad to have ya, darlin’. And feel free to use spanktacular in all your future correspondence. With anyone. It’ll work wonders. (That’s your first piece of sage advice. You’re welcome.)

Debating whether you’ve come to the right place? Try this on for size:

Traits of Badass Business Owners

  1. Your friends and family said you were nuts to consider striking out on your own. And then you did it anyway.
  2. You have an aversion to authority. And aversion is putting it lightly.
  3. Being told what you can or cannot do leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
  4. You consistently do whatever the hell you want without wavering over what other people will think. Okay, maybe you waver a little. But then you suck it up and get on with it.
  5. You actively strive to do things differently, even though it can be fucking scary. Because that’s how you get noticed — and if you don’t get noticed, you don’t have a business for long. (Either that or you trundle along in the bargain bucket for all eternity; an arguably worse fate.)
  6. Your main motivation for starting your biz was being able to live your life untamed and free of fetters.
  7. Your definition of untamed does not involve mortgages, fancy cars, being chained to a desk job, or any other job in which you are not your own boss.
  8. You actually want to help your customers. Like, seriously. You’re not just in it for the money.
  9. You give it everything you’ve got. Everything.

If that all smacks of you, then welcome — consider this your new spiritual home. (Except better and with less spirituality. Well, no spirituality to be exact. And no bullshit either. Not that I’m saying there’s any correlation. Ahem.)

And don’t worry — if that doesn’t smack of you, but you really really want it to, you can stick around too. You’re probably already a badass anyway. Now we just need to work on the business bit.

And you’re in the right place for that, sugar.

* Not at all daily.

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