Confused What to Write About On Your Blog?

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I know you just want to decide once and for all what your blog will be and then do that. You want to know the best, most effective thing you could write about for your business — that you would also enjoy writing about. Oh, if only life were so simple.

The thing you have to understand is that, in the beginning at least, your blog is going to be a ground for experimentation. You can’t know in advance what the outcome will be, so things are naturally going to change as you write more and figure things out. You can’t predict the future — what you think is a good idea now may not be what you think is a good idea in a year’s time. But the only way you’ll get to your year’s-time thoughts is by doing the work to get there. Just look at how my blog has evolved over the years. No way I’d publish some of the earlier posts if I wrote them now. But I wouldn’t have got to where I am without writing them.

I’m not saying you should write loads of random shit on your blog, but if you’re in the mindset that you have to figure out exactly what it’s going to be before you start, you’re trying to do the impossible. No one can predict the future.

If you’re worried about looking flaky to your readers because you keep ‘changing your mind’ about what to write, just remember that the flaky thing is not deciding there’s a better way to do things — that’s called learning, growth, evolution — but continuously stopping and starting because you figure there’s a better way (you just don’t know what it is yet). Being flaky is when you decide you don’t like what you’re doing, so you stop until you figure out that ‘better way’. And then there’s a big gap. And then you have a ‘comeback’ a few months down the line and, yeah, you look a bit flaky.

The key is publishing regularly and being open and honest. Being vulnerable. Putting yourself on the page, and sharing the things you think are important and that will help people. I suppose this all comes down to one thing: DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I’m guessing your troubles in the past arose from doing what you thought you should be doing. Doing what all the megastar bloggers are doing, or what the business ‘gurus’ (gross) say you should be doing.

But you can’t really go wrong if you just do what feels right to you. I get that you want to decide what it is and make it that — but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Just get this into your head right now: your blog will not be perfect. And it will change over time. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Figure out a way to kick it off that feels right, and then keep doing that.

Trust yourself for once. What do you think is the best way to blog? Stop worrying about what other people will think. Fuck everyone else. Don’t second guess yourself. Remember that you’re allowed to change your mind and try different things as your blogging journey progresses. And when something feels right to youyou’ve just got to trust your gut and do what it fucking says.

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    1. Hey Karen,

      I clicked this headline as soon as I read it in your last email – it sounded like you wrote it just for me!

      I’m slowly but surely learning more about this freelance gig, landing more clients, expanding my web writing capabilities, yadda yadda… but one of my (surprisingly) biggest challenges is still what to write on my OWN blog every week! I thought that would be easy… yeeeaaahhh no.

      I need to loosen up and experiment more, as you said. And not worry so much about having everything perfect and figured out right NOW. Which tweaks me out.

      I’d love to hear more about your brainstorming techniques. How you found something unique from what the other bazillion bloggers are doing out there. And all the other BRILLIANT shit your brain churns out. Keep it coming!

      1. YOU CAN DO THIS, JESSICA. Small, consistent steps are what you need. Just commit to publishing one thing per week. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but it does have to be done.

        And thanks for sharing what you’d like me to write about :) Brainstorming techniques/how to be unique have officially been added to my list of things to blog about!

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