What I Read in February 2017

Wow. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I did not read during February. I finished a grand total of one book, which is bad by my standards (though, er, not unheard of). I credit this abysmal reading month largely to the fact that I spent most of it in Seville, staying in an apartment with literally nowhere comfortable to sit and read. Although lying on the bed is one of my favourite reading positions and I DID have a bed, so I’m not sure how credible that argument is. Sigh. I did start reading a few books, but only managed to finish one. LE SIGH. This month will be better. Okay, here’s the one book I read:

What I Read in February

Witch Week (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 3), by Diana Wynne Jones
Finished on 21 February – Kindle

Phew, fortunately the book I did read turned out to be a good one. If you read this column last year, you’ll already know I’m a fangirl for Chrestomanci. (And also Howl, the main character from another of the author’s series. If you’ve ever seen the movie Howl’s Moving Castle, you know who I’m talking about!) This was another fun instalment and I definitely enjoyed it more than the second book. It’s set in a NON-MAGIC world and Chrestomanci comes to sort that shit out pronto, because a world with no magic is no world at all, right? (Sigh.) I mostly read this in bed before going to sleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night. Gotta love a cosy story about magic for sending you off to dreamworld, eh?

My February Statistics

Oh god, can we just skip this bit this month? (Answer is NO, Marston, keep yourself accountable.)

Books read: 1

Fiction: 1
Non-fiction: 0

Audiobooks: 0
Kindle books: 1
Physical books: 0

2017 book total: 5

My official ‘reading’ resolution this year is simply to read every single day, rather than to hit a specific number. (Though unofficially I’m aiming to hit 75 again.) I’m not sure this is working out particularly well, because although I’ve only skipped four days so far, I’m not necessarily reading all that much per day. If I only read when I go to bed at night, I might not get through more than one or two pages, which is not going to make for a very impressive end-of-year reading list.

I’m going to get back on my game during March, though, er, I still haven’t finished anything so far. BUT IT’S ONLY THE NINTH SO I’M PROBABLY GOING TO BE FINE, RIGHT?

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