What I Read in September 2016

Oof, this has easily been my worst month of the year so far for reading. I didn’t even make any attempt to read a few shorties as the last few days of September rolled by. That means I only read TWO books last month, which is a sorry state of affairs. I was travelling quite a bit, so I suppose I can sort of be excused… except that I travelled a lot in August too and I still managed to read seven books. Hmm. No excuses then, really. I just didn’t read much. Fortunately I’m still on track to hit my reading goal for the year.

What I Read in September

The L-Shaped Room, by Lynne Reid Banks
Finished on 7 September – Kindle

I Love TobyOh man. I LOVED this. A 60s classic, it’s about a young, unmarried woman who gets pregnant (shock! horror!), gets booted out by her dad, and moves into a grotty old building with the intention of keeping to herself. But things don’t work out like that because the other tenants in the building are fucking awesome (Toby, I love you). I just fell in love with everyone in this book. Stories about daily life are just – oh, I love them. I read it while I was away in the Isle of Skye for a week, sans internet. Each morning I’d make a big cafetiere of coffee, then sit by the open window overlooking the sea and read. If it was raining, I’d break out the hot water bottle and the blanket, too, and perhaps even some buttered toast. This is a reading experience that will stay with me. Tempted to read the sequels, too, even though you just know they can’t possibly be as good.

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, by Lindy West
Finished on 14 September – Hardback

ShrillJesus Fucking Christ, I love this woman. This is an unapologetic collection of essays about life, feminism, being fat, being a woman, and being a fat woman. And holy shit, it is HILARIOUS. I treated myself to a trip to Glasgow on my birthday (I know, it doesn’t sound very exotic, but I checked the weather for the entire country and Glasgow literally had the best of the bunch, and so off I went; I was as stunned as you are). I spent the day drinking good coffee, reading on park benches, ambling round the modern art gallery and then, finally, buying books. I nipped into Waterstones on my way back to the train station and saw they had signed copies of Shrill. What the fuck, I thought, I’ll go for it. And I’m so glad I did. I started reading it on the train home and barely suppressed my laughter. In fact, I don’t think I bothered trying. Laughing out loud in public is one of life’s great joys. Anyway, man or woman, you should read it. In fact, I feel like you should especially read it if you’re a man. Get some insight into how shit is for us ladyfolks.

My September Book Statistics

Books read: 2

Fiction: 1
Non-fiction: 1

Audiobooks: 0 (I need to get back on the case, but lately all I seem to do is listen to music)
Kindle books: 1
Physical books: 1

Progress towards reading goal: 66/75 (88%)

So, only two books this month, but they were both absolutely cracking. I recommend them both. If you want to keep up with what I’m currently reading, you can follow me on Goodreads. I’ll be trying to finish a few of the physical books I’ve got on the go at the moment, since I won’t be taking them with me when I hit the road.

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