Some Musings on How to Live

924737_1158713387488709_1257364253_nBack in November I wrote a post called Don’t Forget Why You’re Doing This. I was sat in Stansted airport waiting for my flight back to Edinburgh, after having spent a few days in Valencia. I wrote about how you shouldn’t start your writing business if you’re not then going to take advantage of the lifestyle it allows you to live — the reason you started the damn thing in the first place.

And now I find myself back in a similar frame of mind. I’ve just spent a wonderful week in Berlin. I attended a conference — Alive in Berlin — populated by incredible, inspiring people doing world-changing things. I rented an Airbnb apartment with three good friends who also run online businesses. We went skydiving together. (Shout out to Jana, the founder of Alive in Berin, who’s skydived 30+ times… since February. OF THIS YEAR.) I wandered the streets of Berlin, both by myself and with my friends. I ate delicious food, lounged around in parks, roamed through gardens, read and wrote a lot, and just sucked in everything life had to offer.

I remembered how to live. To live in such a way that I feel alive. Which is different from just living, you know? Just existing? Blah.

And now I’m back in Edinburgh, left with a sinking feeling. What has changed since I wrote that post back in Stansted in November? Well, a few things, ostensibly. But it doesn’t feel like much. I still can’t help feeling something’s amiss.

While I love Untamed Writing, it’s not enough. My entire life can’t revolve around this business, but lately that’s how it’s been. I’m still not living by the values that inspired me to create Untamed Writing. I need to shift some of my focus back onto myself, onto my lifestyle.

I’ve thought about incorporating some lifestyle stuff into Untamed Writing before. In fact, that was my intention when I created the site. (That’s where the name came from, you know.) But something about that idea just doesn’t sit right now. Untamed Writing has grown into its own beast. I couldn’t steer it that way if I tried. Untamed Writing is a place for business, writing, freelancing — not for my personal musings about life.

I know those musings creep in occasionally, but I always try to do it in a way that’s applicable to you. And besides, it’s still just not enough. So I’m going to do something about it: I’m going to create a new blog.

I’ve actually been thinking about creating this new blog for months, but I’ve always erred on the side of simplicity. Do I really want another site to run? Another blog to write in every week? Would it totally suck if I just tied it all in with Untamed Writing? I wasn’t sure. But after having spent the week in Berlin, I know the answer is YES, to all of the above.

I’ve found writing in this blog immensely helpful for figuring things out about business and writing. And yeah, even life. The 28-day experiments I started conducting recently are also a big factor in this decision. I realised that they’ve helped me learn a lot about myself. I’ve already made some positive changes to my life thanks to those experiments. What would happen if I had an entire website devoted to that kind of thing?

It’s time. I turned 30 this week. A new decade. A new era of my life.

Don’t worry though: Untamed Writing’s not going anywhere. I have no plans to change anything about the way I do things around here (except maybe dropping my publishing schedule back down to once per week — maybe). I just thought you should know about my new plan. Because… you know. Why not? I’m going to be working on it behind the scenes over the coming weeks, but you can be sure I’ll let y’all know about it as soon as it’s good to go.

Twice-monthly emails featuring:

  • My private tales of life and biz
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  • Never more than 1 email a week, because fuck that.


    1. Hurray for personal musings and living your own untamed life! Pretty wild how the business stuff just creeps on up and takes over everything isn’t it? Good luck!

      1. IT IS! I’ve had to remind myself so many times now that’s more to life than business that it’s time to start doing something about it.

        1. Love it! I just made the jump myself and even though I’m not a 100% sure where I’ll get my money from next, it feels a million times better to be fully in love with what you do! :)

          1. Oh, I’m totally in love with Untamed Writing and have no plans to do anything differently with it. I just want to add MORE to my life. :)

    2. Amazing how a break from routine reminds us what we really want in our life. One question though: do you REALLY want another blog, could you not do your personal musings personally – morning pages type of thing? I get the feeling you’re disciplined enough that you’ll work on it, develop a posting routine and grow it and before you know where you are you’ll be spending more time writing than doing, which isn’t the point, and still won’t get you out of your PJs and into an adventure! I know that’s three sentences in one, but hey ho, untamed writing!

      1. Yes, I REALLY want another blog :) This is not a decision I’ve made lightly (in fact, it’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since Untamed Writing’s inception). Something about my trip to Berlin solidified the idea for me, and all of a sudden my gut knew it was the right thing to do and gave me the go-ahead. (This is how I make most of my decisions.)

        To say it’s for ‘personal musings’ wasn’t quite accurate of me. I have big plans for this. (Incidentally, I do already write privately, but it’s not anywhere near as good, structured or organised, and I want this to be all of those things.) However, I do not plan to approach it in the same way as Untamed Writing. (For example, I don’t plan to have a publishing schedule; only to write in it when I want to.)

        No doubt I’ll expand more on these thoughts when I’ve actually created the thing! But the main thing is, I’m really really really excited to start work on it. Knowing everything I’ve learned about myself since starting Untamed Writing, I’m positive this will encourage me to do more adventuring, not less. (Writing in public means I will actually do stuff.)

        1. Good, well I’ll definitely be reading it then, I know it will be as inspiring as all your work.
          I think that was the mother in me coming out – or maybe my own fear of over stretching myself!

          1. Haha, thanks Brenda! I did wonder if there was some projection going on ;) But there’s no need to worry about me. It’s very unlikely I’ll overstretch myself! Haha.

    3. Great post Karen, and a good reminder why we’re all here. 30’s getting closer, and it doesn’t matter what job you’re doing if you’re not able to live a little. I look forward to the blog :)

      1. So true, Daniel! Glad you’re looking forward to the new blog. Planning to launch it within the next few weeks :)

    4. Fuck yeah! Can’t wait for the new blog! (You could start a blog about potato farming and I’m sure it’d be a compelling read.)

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