What I Read in October and November 2016

Hahaha and I thought September was a bad month for my reading habits. After all, I only read two books that month. But then October happened and I read a grand total of one book, hence not publishing a ‘What I Read’ post last month. To be honest November was pretty crap too, but at least now I’ve got enough to warrant a blog post. (December’s gonna be a busy month, I guess.)

What I Read in October and November

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Finished on 30 October – Audiobook

screenshot-2016-12-01-18-19-17Obviously this was amazing. I bang on about how much I love Sherlock every time I finish one of the books, so you should know this by now. (Unless you’re new here, in which case HI! I LOVE SHERLOCK!) I’m working my way through The Complete Sherlock Holmes audiobook read by Simon Vance at the moment and it is spectacular. That is one talented guy and I love how he voices both Sherlock and Dr Watson. My enjoyment is also dramatically enhanced by the fact that I picture Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock as I listen. Which is weird because, like, classic Sherlock and modern Sherlock are pretty different. But anyway, whatever. I’m not complaining. If you want to get into audiobooks, I highly recommend it. You’ll really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth too because it’s 58 hours long. ENJOY!

A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway
Finished on 5 November – Kindle

screenshot-2016-12-01-18-21-22At the risk of sounding like a heathen, I was super disappointed with this. It’s been on my radar for a good few years, but after somebody told me at a party at 4am that I MUST read it because it’s like Down and Out in Paris and London, which is one of my favourite books ever, I was like YES, I AM ON IT! So I read it. And guys, it’s nothing like Down and Out. I argued this point with the guy who recommended it to me. Allegedly it’s like Down and Out because they’re both living and working in Paris. And I’m like, dude, Orwell was working in a hotel’s dank cellar-kitchen scrubbing pans for a pittance and sharing a tiny bug-infested room with some rando. Hemingway was swanning around cafes every day writing and quaffing wine, cheating on his wife and bitching about his friends all the time. HOW IS THAT THE SAME? So, yeah, anyway. Orwell > Hemingway.

The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and Other Clinical Tales, by Oliver Sacks
Finished on 25 November – Audiobook

screenshot-2016-12-01-18-24-15I can’t figure out if listening to this made me feel smarter or dumber, though one thing’s for sure: Oliver Sacks – what a guy. Do I feel smarter because just by listening to somebody so smart, I by default become smarter myself? Or do I feel like a dumbass because I’m like, wow, I will never be as wise and kind and insightful as Oliver Sacks. What. A. GUY! You just know he made the world a better place. I don’t know if I’ll read any of his other clinical tale collections – the patients’ stories are fascinating but some of the clinical analyses left me going ‘buhhh??’ – but I’ve got his autobiography lined up on my Kindle because I need to know more about this gem of a person.

My October and November Book Statistics

Books read: 3

Fiction: 1
Non-fiction: 2

Audiobooks: 2
Kindle books: 1
Physical books: 0 (massive fail on my September resolution to ‘finish a few of my physical books before I hit the road’)

Progress towards reading goal: 69/75 (92%)

So, although it’s been a slow couple of months, I’m confident I can hit my goal of 75 books for the year. Only six to go! I’ll be heading back to Edinburgh for the holidays and not doing much work, so I should easily be able to rack up a few more reads before the year is out.

I’m already plotting to make the same goal for next year, though I envision it being much harder. For one thing, I’ve already read most of the Attack of Titan comics, and they made up a good bulk of my reads at the start of this year. I usually read comics on my iPad, which I’m not travelling with, so that means if I want to hit 75 books again next year, more of them will have to be, you know… novels and shit. Though I will assuredly dive into some of my beloved graphic novels at some point throughout the year. Anyway, this isn’t meant to be about my reading goals for 2017, so I’ll shut up.

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