How to Become a Freelance Writer
When You Have No Experience

Start SEO Writing

Do you dream about being a freelance writer?

Do you have romantic visions of yourself sitting at your breakfast bar with a scalding espresso, nonchalantly tapping away at your Macbook, writing things that people will give you money for?

And do you have absolutely no idea how to make it happen, or even what you should do first?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you want to escape a menial minimum-wage job (like I did), the 9-5 grind (ugh), or if you just want to find a way of making money from home (or anywhere else in the world), I can help. Well, if you want to become a writer, that is.

The kind of writer that gets paid.

How I Escaped a Life of Servitude to Become a Full-Time Freelance Writer

In 2012 I was working in a pub for £7 an hour. It was dismal: hard work for shit pay with little reward. So shortly after a heated conversation with my boss, in which the words ‘lapdog’, ‘not’, and ‘your’ were thrown around, I quit.

I spent seven furious, frenzied days getting the beginnings of my writing business set up. I made a website, I threw together a few sample articles, and I started emailing companies to ask them if they wanted me to write for them.

And some of them did.

I’ve been happily self-employed ever since. And I want to help you do the same thing.

This Course isn’t for Everyone — It Might Not Even Be for You

This course is only for people who already have a decent grasp of the English language. That’s not to say you need to be a particularly brilliant writer to do this. You just need to be an adequate one.

If you consistently type using only your index fingers, this probably isn’t for you either. I mean, you could do it, but it would take a very long time. Maybe take some typing classes and come back to me.

If you want to get rich quickly, this isn’t for you. In fact, you may have to cut back on some of your expenses when you first start out. You might have to cancel your TV package, your magazine subscription, your gym membership, your whatever, to help you get by when you’re just starting out.

On the other hand, you might not.

maltestimonialAfter 18 months of spinning my wheels and deliberating over how to become a writer, leave my job, and swan off around the world with my family, Karen’s freelance writing course caught my attention. Maybe it was the swearing, but I think it was the resolute honesty.

Joining up has been the best career decision I’ve ever made. I’ve more than made my course fees back, but what I’ve really gained is the ability to plan, get out there, and shoot for my dreams. No false promises. No bullshit.

If you really want to live your dreams, it takes work and action. If you want guidance and support during the speed wobbles, plus a step-by-step plan that generates income while you get the fuck on with it, do this course and keep active on Untamed Writing’s Facebook group.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it earlier.

— Malcolm Wilson


How Much You’ll Earn is Up to You

Maybe you’ll stick at your day job and do this on the side until you’re confident you can match your regular wage with it. Maybe you have a nice savings cushion that’ll tide you over while you build up your income. Or maybe you’ll go full-on beast mode and rake in the cash during your first month at it.

How much you’ll earn is up to you. If you write more, you will earn more. Simple.

If you’re good, you can make pretty decent money from online writing. And if you’re fucking great, you can make fantastic money. But let’s just focus on getting started for now, shall we?

I’ll teach you to do exactly what I did to get started on the road to full-time freelance writing.

How to Become a Full-Time Freelance Writer Quickly

So, what exactly is SEO writing? Well, it’s terribly exciting. Put simply: you write 500-word articles that include certain keywords to help websites rank more highly in Google search results.

It’s not glamorous and it can be tedious. You may find yourself writing on such tantalising topics as laminate flooring and limo hire, but hey — it’s writing and it’s something people will pay you to do.

You don’t have to keep doing it forever, but it’s an easy way to get started with freelance writing, and it’s something you’ll be able to turn into a full-time income if you keep at it and are willing to write multiple articles per day.

If you’ve already heard of SEO article writing, you may associate it with getting paid shitty rates, like $5 an article. That’s definitely something that happens a lot in this industry. It is not, however, what I’ll teach you to do in this course. Untamed Writing is all about producing quality work and getting paid decent rates for it. Just to clear that up: $5 articles, not what we’re going for here.

This course was EXACTLY what I needed. Although I had already studied it, no one else had really presented SEO writing in a way that totally made sense or that I could apply right away. Karen’s course did just that… and more!

darwinThis course breaks things down to the most fundamental elements to get you started ASAP. The materials clear up any confusion around getting started (and getting paid). In a matter of weeks, I had a website to show my new clients.

If you’re struggling to understand what exactly SEO writing is or if you just need a step-by-step process to get you in business right away, this course is it.

— Darwin Ruiz


How the Course Works

I’ll send you five PDFs containing everything you need to know to get up and running, all structured in a logical order. You will be sent a link to download all the course materials at once, as soon as your payment goes through, meaning you can work through the course at your own pace.

At the end of this, if you follow my instructions, you will have a professional freelance SEO writing website with which you can attract customers — customers who will pay you cold hard cash. (Or, you know, by PayPal.)

You’ll also be inducted into the super-secret Facebook group, where you can frolic merrily with fellow students, past and present. If you’re ever faced with a confusing question from a prospective client, or have a question of your own, this is the place for it.

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The Course Content: What You’ll Learn

Part 1: Getting Started

I’ll walk you through the basics of SEO writing: what it is, how it works, who will hire you, as well as a brief guide to writing an SEO article. We’ll also look at what SEO writing can lead to in the future. You’ll write your first articles and come up with a few ideas of what to call your new business.

What’s covered:

  • My Story
  • What is SEO Writing?
  • Who Buys SEO Articles?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Sounds Boring. Why Bother?
  • A Brief Guide to Writing an SEO Article
  • Where Can SEO Writing Lead?
  • What’s Coming Up in the Course

Part 2: Building Your Sample Portfolio

I’ll take you through everything you need to know about how to write good SEO articles, including how to structure them. We’ll also look at the sort of things you’ll be asked to write about, how to come up with topics and headlines, and how you can develop techniques to write articles faster. You’ll write some more sample articles for your website, too.

What’s covered:

  • What Will You Have to Write About?
  • What Sort of Briefs Will Clients Give You?
  • How to Structure an SEO Article
  • How to Come Up with Article Ideas
  • How to Write Articles Quickly
  • How to Research Article Topics
  • Let’s Talk About Spinning

Part 3: Creating Your Website

You’ll create your entire website. Yup, really — even if you’re a total technophobe. To date, none of my students have been unable to do this when following my instructions. You’ll choose your new business’s name, buy the domain name and hosting, and build your website. You’ll install WordPress, then you’ll write up some pages. You’ll also add your sample articles from the previous two weeks.

What’s covered:

  • Buying Your Domain Name and Hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Choosing a WordPress Theme
  • Creating the Pages for Your Site
  • Writing the Content for Your Site
  • Organising Your Menu
  • Setting Up an Email Address

Part 4: Getting Ready to Start Marketing

I’ll show you where to find people who will pay you money to write SEO articles for them — and how to persuade them to work with you. I will tell you exactly what to say and I’ll help you put together a solid template email you can send to prospective clients. I’ll supply you with a template spreadsheet you can use to collect and store prospective clients’ contact details too, because a) I’m nice, and b) spreadsheets are the devil.

What’s covered:

  • Writing a Prospecting Email Template
  • Compiling a List of Prospects to Email
  • Following Up

Part 5: Time to Start Making Money

You’ll learn more about the boring side of running a business. (Although it’s not boring when I’m talking about it, natch.) We’ll cover things like how to get paid, how to send invoices, and how to register your business. I’ll go into some detail about a few other types of writing too – because you will be asked to do all sorts of random stuff outside the scope of SEO articles when you start emailing companies – and how to deal with any questions about them.

What’s covered:

  • Getting Paid
  • Using Contracts
  • Invoicing, Book-keeping and Accounting
  • Negotiating Rates and Handling Unusual Requests
  • How to Identify What Your Client Wants
  • What Type of Client Have You Got?
  • A Brief Overview of Outsourcing
  • Getting Work from Your Fellow Students
  • Registering Your Business
  • Boosting Your Credibility
  • A Final Word of Warning

jamesSigning up to Karen’s course proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m now able to support myself comfortably from writing alone, which is a situation I could previously only dream of. Whether you want to earn a little extra on the side or create the foundations for a full-blown freelance career, Karen can help.

You’re probably wondering if the course is really as good as it seems. It is! I’ve just booked a one-way flight to Australia, where I intend to spend a year or so writing/surfing/developing skin cancer. Obviously could never have done this without Karen’s course. Thank yooooou!!!!!!!!

— James Robinson

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How Much Money Can You Make?

It’s hard for me to tell you precisely how much you’ll make doing this, because the numbers vary so wildly. It depends on a number of things, such as how persistent you are, how good your writing skills are, and how professionally you behave with your clients — among countless other things. So, instead of telling you how much you can make, I’m going to tell you how much some of my previous students have made:

  • Duncan made £250 in his second month, and £600 in his third month.
  • Heather made £2000 in her first 5 weeks of business.
  • Joe made back the cost of the course within the first four weeks, and averaged $3500 for four months!
  • Josie made £1900 in her first four months.
  • Sarah made $1100 in her first month, and she projected $2000 per month not long after.

I can’t promise you will make a certain amount after you launch your business — that’s really on you — but if you work hard, do as I tell you, and are persistent, you will almost certainly recoup the cost of the course quickly.

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I’m so glad I made the investment in Karen’s course. I love to write and have been toying with the idea of freelance writing for a while but never quite found the time to figure out how to actually get it done.
So when I heard about Karen’s class I jumped at the chance to have someone walk me through the process step-by-step. And that’s exactly what she did – I received an easy to follow set of instructions and exercises that in a month turned into a live business.

It’s only been a week since I officially launched, but in that short time I’ve already made contact with four potential clients and am in the process of finalizing a contract to write all of the copy for a website that’s launching next month. I fully expect to have covered my investment in this class four or five times over by the end of my first month in business.

— Michelle Warner



Is this a scam?
No. If it was a scam, I would be telling you about the insane money you will make from SEO writing.

If you follow the links attached to my students’ testimonials, you will see the websites they created during the course and are using to score clients.

Can I pay in instalments?
Yes indeed! Just select the final option in the payment section.

Do you offer refunds?
Yes, but you must request your refund within 30 days or purchasing it.

How long will the coursework take each week?
So long as you can set aside around 1-2 hours per day, or one full day each week, you should be able to get everything done in 4 weeks.

Will there be any additional expenses?
I highly recommend spending an extra $100 on buying a domain name and hosting for your own website. It isn’t 100% necessary to so — technically you could do this with a free website — but having a proper website will help cement your status as a professional and make it easier to score clients.

Is SEO writing really the best way to start a writing business?
Actually, nobody has ever asked me this. Probably because I lay it out pretty clearly on this page. But it’s worth saying again: SEO writing is hands down the fastest and easiest way to start making money from writing, but it’s not necessarily the best way. That depends on your definition of ‘the best’.

If you want to start making the most money possible from writing, then you should start writing sales pages, which is the highest paid type of writing you can do online. However, writing sales pages requires a lot of skill, studying and practice, and the ability to convince people you are able to write them. It will probably take a long time before you’re able to make any money from it. If you want to start making money straightaway, then yes, SEO writing is the way to go.

Isn’t SEO writing a dying field?
A lot of people would argue that it’s stupid to try to get into SEO writing because it’s a ‘dying field’. I have a couple of arguments for this:

1) You don’t have to do it forever. (In fact, I would suggest that you don’t – more on that shortly.)

2) If people are still willing to pay for it, then it’s still worth doing. And people are still willing to pay for it. I see repeated proof of this every week, from students in our Facebook group posting ‘I just got my first client!’ updates. These updates make me smile.

What do you mean you don’t have to do it forever? Why are you teaching it then?
The reason I decided to create a course on SEO writing is because I see a lot of people who desperately dream about becoming a freelance writer but don’t know how to make it happen.

There are other, better-paid ways to make money from writing, but SEO writing could be just the non-scary kick up the arse you need to finally break into the realm of freelance writing.

I like to think of taking this course as ‘learning to be a freelance writer’. The stakes are low, the barrier to entry is low, and it’s easy to find clients. The downside, of course, is that these clients won’t pay you as much as you could make doing other types of writing. But you will learn how to confidently communicate and negotiate with clients, how to invoice clients, how to build a website, and lots of other things that will be very beneficial to know during your career as a freelance writer.

In short: you will be in a much better position to start making decent money from writing after you have first learned how to make any money at all from writing.

What are the options for better paid online writing work?
Blogging and copywriting are the two most prominent types of paid online writing. Blogging is better paid than SEO writing, and copywriting is better paid than blogging.

Will this course help me to find those types of clients?
No. This course does not go into detail about how to get into blogging or copywriting. If you want to get into these types of writing, you may be interested in my more advanced course, Start Content Writing.

How much money can I expect to make from SEO writing?
For the standard of article I’m going to teach you to write, you can expect to make around £15-20 or $20-25 (USD) per 500-word article. That’s on the higher end of the scale, and it’s not easy to get much more than that from SEO writing because it’s not the most skilled type of writing.

It’s not a lot of money by other online writing standards, but it IS better than minimum wage. I was ECSTATIC the first time I made £15 from a 500-word article that took me under an hour to write – all from the comfort of my own home. Before that, I had been getting paid £7 an hour in a bar job. So just consider whether you think earning £15/$20+ per hour would be worth the freedom you’d get from being able to work from anywhere… plus the possibility of making much more in the future. Oh, and let’s not forget the whole ‘not having a boss’ thing.

I don’t want to write lots of tedious articles. Is there another way of making SEO writing work for me?
There certainly is. After they’ve stacked up a solid number of clients who are requesting large batches of articles, many of my students decide to outsource their work to other writers, essentially becoming a manager of operations and an editor. This gives them time to work on other things — like breaking into other types of freelance writing — while still having some money coming in. My friend Carlo recently made 5-figures in a single month from outsourcing his article writing work. Outsourcing is covered in the course materials.

Can I do this work while I travel?
Hell yes you can! A number of my students joined up simply because they wanted to be able to travel and earn money at the same time, without having to pick up crappily paid jobs along the way. The freedom to earn money no matter where you are in the world is pretty fucking awesome, let me tell you. If you’ve got a laptop and an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Can I take this course if English is not my first language?
Yes, you can. It won’t be as easy for you (the course or finding clients), but I will show you how you can improve certain aspects of your writing where necessary (though my biggest piece of advice will always be to practice and to copy other English writers to learn the cadences). You may need to adopt a pseudonym if you have a particularly non-English sounding name, because you don’t want prejudices formed against you before you’ve even begun. Sad but true, people may judge you based on your name or location, without even looking at whether you’re a coherent writer.

Does it matter where I’m from?
Nope! See above two answers. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you are — anyone with an internet connection can do this.

I want to be a copywriter/do another very specific type of writing – is this course for me?
No, probably not. Not if you can’t bear the thought of putting in some hours of writing about random subjects you have no interest in as your first stepping stone. If you want to go STRAIGHT into copywriting or other types of writing, you should look for something else. (Possibly my Start Content Writing course?) However, if you just want to start making money from writing, and aren’t too fussed about the hows and whats of it, then climb aboard, me hearty!

Can I specialise in a certain topic?
With SEO writing, there’s not a huge amount of point in specialising because your clients will have a wide variety of their own clients, and they will likely need articles about lots of different subjects and industries. However, if you wanted to move onto blogging – that is, seeking out specific blogs you want to write for and sending highly targeted pitches to them – then yes, specialising is a fab idea. This isn’t something that’s featured in this course, though it is covered in Start Content Writing.

So just how flippin’ awesome is this Facebook group I keep hearing about?
Oh, it’s SO awesome. I only decided to start the Facebook group after I’d run the course a few times, but now I can’t believe I didn’t start it sooner. I get to know my students better, which is obviously fantastic, but better than that, my students get to know each other. There are some brilliant insights and conversations that happen in there, and they go far beyond the scope of the original course material. Best part: you get lifelong access, so any time you have a question related to freelance writing (SEO or otherwise), you have a handpicked group of people to talk to about it – people who get it.

Do I have to take your course to be able to make this work?
Nope! Though that would be an awesome business model… But no. You can figure all this out for yourself if you want to. But if you want me to walk you through things step-by-step, to make sure you’re getting it right, to give you the swift kick up the arse you need, and to help you do the best job you possibly can, you’re in the right place.

Am I guaranteed to make my money back if I take this course?
Goodness, no. That would be a silly promise for me to make, since I have no idea whether you’re willing to put in the work required to make a living from this. What I do promise is that by the end of this course, if you do everything I lay out for you, you will have everything you need to get started on the road to full-time freelance writing.

I was living in Cambodia teaching English to young kids but getting to the end of my tether with that kind of work. I loved Cambodia and travel but I realised teaching wasn’t for me.

katelambAfter a bit of online searching, the seed of SEO writing was planted in my mind. I hadn’t done any writing since school and wasn’t sure if I could do it, but Karen boosted my confidence.

I took the course and started emailing hundreds of prospective clients. It took a while but one day it finally kicked off and I got a lot of responses. I found myself suddenly chained to my laptop writing 6 hours a day, but I didn’t mind as I was happy it was paying off.

Because of Karen’s course, I now feel I have the freedom to go off and travel whenever I feel like it and fund myself as I go. I would recommend it to anyone.

— Katie Lamb

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