The Best of Untamed Writing 2014

Best of 2014

FUCK. It’s nearly 2015. I have no idea how that happened. I’m also not entirely sure how I managed to write a blog post every week. BUT I DID. (Go me!) As I’ve said before, some of them were pretty shitty. In fact, last week’s post was one of those shitty ones, which is all kinds of ironic. Actually, I guess it’s not ironic, because the whole point was that you should choose consistency over perfection, and that’s exactly what I did when I wrote that post on 5 hours’ sleep.

ANYWAY. Enough about how sometimes the stuff I write is shitty. (Big plans to work on that, but I’ll talk about that in a couple of weeks.) Now let’s talk about some of the good stuff I wrote instead. This list is, of course, entirely subjective and based on what I think were the best posts. (And I guess also on what you guys seemed to like the most, because why not?)

Let’s do it in reverse-countdown-order and pretend like it’s 1999! Woooo!

10. The 4 Traits You Need to Become a Well-Paid Freelancer
There’s a big difference between being a regular-schmuck freelancer and a well-paid freelancer. Which do YOU want to be, hmm? If it’s the former, you can go ahead and skip this article.

9. How to Blog Every Week Without Fail
Blogging every week without fail is very easy if you have your shit together. If you’re the type of person who does everything at the last minute (like me, sigh), it’s not so easy. BUT IT CAN BE DONE. All it takes is a little prep.

8. How to Ask Your Clients Questions Without Feeling Like an Idiot
Do you feel like you should know everything when talking to your clients? And that if you don’t, you’ll come across as an amateur? Then take heart, because you’re wrong.

7. How to Invoice Your Clients
One of the most annoying things to figure out when you first start freelancing is how the fuck to invoice someone properly. So I break it down for you here. You’re welcome, amigo.

6. Should You List Your Rates on Your Website? Here’s How to Decide
Christ, there’s so much stuff to figure out when you work for yourself, isn’t there? When I wrote this article I didn’t have my prices listed. While I was writing it, I realised I should.

5. Why You Need a Community (and How to Find One)
Having a community is probably the most underrated thing when it comes to running or starting your own biz. Like, it probably doesn’t even cross your mind. But it’s seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY, one of the most useful things you can have.

4. Why You Don’t Have to Be the Best to Be Successful
So many people feel like there’s no point in starting their own business, or in becoming a freelancer, because they’re just not as good as everyone else who’s already doing it. NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t fucking matter, because that’s not the only criteria.

3. The 6 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make When They First Start Out
This covers pretty much everything you need to know when you first start freelancing. Obviously there’s a lot stuff you’ll learn later (like how the fuck to send invoiceeeees), but here’s what you need to know right from the start. Before the start, really.

2. Should You Give Your New Client a Free Trial?
New freelancers have a tendency to get screwed over because they’re not sure how ‘things are done’ and because moral-less companies try to take advantage of them. Don’t let it happen to you, mon petit pois!

1. How to Start Your Business When You’re Scared You Don’t Know Enough
People have emailed me to tell me this blog post helped them grow the balls to make the first move. You can see the evolution of Untamed Writing’s first year and say to yourself, ‘Oh hey, maybe this isn’t so hard.’ And then you can start your own business and send me that email too.

If you want to get some more Untamed Writing goodness down your neck, check out the archives page to see everything I’ve ever written. Er. On the blog, that is.

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