Get $1700’s Worth of Writers’ Goodies for $99

I’ve been umming and ahhing about this post all day. Should I write up a blog post about the importance of investing in yourself as a writer, and then pitch the sale at the end? Or should I point out what I love about one of the people whose product’s included? Or… should I go trademark Karen and just tell it like it is?

Yeah, that last one. That sounds good. So here’s the deal: The Write Life’s packaged up another bundle of useful tools, ebooks and courses for writers. They do this sometimes. They pull together a few top-notch goodies from well-respected folks on the interwebs, and then sell them in a massive discount bulk-buy thing for a limited time only. Then they get a few select affiliates on board (that would be moi, so I hope I am not wrong when I say they are selective) to help promote it. That means for every bundle I help them sell, they’ll sling $33 my way.

So! Do I think you should buy this bundle? OF COURSE! BUY IT NOW! Haaaaa, just kidding. Even though it’s a mega deal, you should only buy it if the products in it appeal to you – one or two of them at the very least, anyway.

While I haven’t used any of the products in this year’s bundle, I have grabbed different bundles from The Write Life in previous years and got my hands on some good shit. Plus, you know, this is The Write Life. They’ve included me in their Top 100 Websites for Writers for the past three years running, so you know they have good taste.

Uh, anyway, yeah. The bundle. If any of the products included appeal to you, it’s worth considering, because, well… you know how maths works. You could also consider it as donating a pizza to me, which I will order from Domino’s with the money I make.

Here’s what’s in this year’s bundle:

  • Stress Less & Impress, from Leah Kalamakis (Course; retails for $247)
  • ProWritingAid, from Chris Banks (Tool; retails for $40)
  • Book Ninja 101: 5-Day Series, from Jenny Blake (Course; retails for $150)
  • Press Release Masterclass, from Joel Friedlander and Joan Stewart (Course; retails for $97)
  • 30 Days to Creative Courage, from Mridu Khullar Relph (Course; retails for $199)
  • Get Paid to Write for Blogs, from Catherine Alford (Course; retails for $497)
  • The Writer’s Workshop, from Sarah K. Peck (Course; retails for $300)
  • Convert More Clients, from Carrie Smith (Course; retails for $59)
  • The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing, from Ali Luke (Ebook; retails for $29)
  • The 4 Foundational Pillars of Novel Structure, from C.S. Lakin (Course; retails for $49)

You can find out more about each of the products and grab the deal over here. The offers ends on Thursday, 6 April, at 11.59pm EST.

Thank you for the pizza. Not to get all controversial on you, but I am going to get pineapple on it.

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