Yes, Your Business Does Need a Blog (if You Plan to Succeed)

Yes Your Business Does Need a Blog

A lot of business owners don’t have a blog. Nor do they intend to start one. Those people are stupid. They plain old don’t get the point.

But, oh! There are so many points. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Here’s why your business needs a blog:

  1. To showcase your personality
    Why, how terribly vainglorious of you. Oh, I jest. It’s about more than showcasing your personality, of course. But by slapping your individuality on the page, you will come across as more: likeable, trustworthy, authentic, entertaining, credible, and human. Very important, that last one.

  2. To tell your story
    Stories cosy up right alongside your personality. They’re a fantastic way of expressing yourself and — told right — they leave lasting impression. Tell a good story and people will remember you. Which is good for business. Obviously.

  3. To keep your customers up to date
    Ever stumble on a static website that doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while? And how would you even know, anyway? Keeping a blog allows people to see that your website isn’t a dud — it’s alive and well, and so is what you’re selling.

  4. To rank well in las searches de Google
    Oh, that old chestnut again. But don’t slide off into a coma just yet. We’re not talking keywords and algorithms here, or any of that other tiresome crap. Instead, consider this: fresh content ranks better. Keep ’em coming and your blog posts will pull you up the ranks in no time. Well, not no time. But certainly in less time than if you didn’t write them at all.

  5. To establish your authority
    As a business owner, you probably want to be viewed as something of an expert in your field. Because why would someone buy from you otherwise? Update your blog regularly with info, commentary and opinions on your industry — and make it clear that you know your stuff. Bonus points for becoming the go-to guy or gal.

  6. To have a conversation
    A blog is a fantastic way to connect with your audience. By opening the door to two-way conversation, you’ll gain valuable insights into your customers’ wants and needs. Just remember to turn comments on. And then pay attention.

  7. To stand out
    Standing out is crucial if you want to succeed online. Because — I don’t know if you know — the internet is fucking massive. Easy to get lost in there. Now, having a blog in itself isn’t enough, but it’s a bloody good foundation to start building on — especially if your competitors are stuck in 2003 with their static websites. God.

  8. To help people
    Duh, right? It’s almost easy to forget this one while you’re wrapped up in what your blog can do for you. But, more importantly, what can your blog do for your readers? Write about what you know, because chances are other people don’t know. And then things will manifest in a beautiful self-fulfilling prophecy. Because guess who your next customer’s going to be?

So please, do your business a favour and get thee a blog.

Alright, I’ll admit it: not all businesses need blogs, nor are all those who choose to forgo them stupid (although a lot of them are). This post by Moz is a fantastic guide to what sort of businesses don’t needs blogs.

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