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Irreverent shit-talk about life, work & writing, with a side of brutal honesty.

Because who doesn’t like to be confronted with the crushing futility of existence every now and then? Kidding, kidding. I’m fun and hilarious, promise.

Okay, now scroll down. I’m done here.

Hi! I’m Karen and I write things.

Pretty good things if I’m being modest. Here’s what you can do around here:

  • Read the blog, where I talk about how to write good shit, how to do meaningful work and how to just be yourself in a world that’s trying really hard to make you into something else.
  • Hire me to write copy for you. If you want conversational, entertaining content in some sort of digital shape (website, newsletter, scathing email to your former lover, etc.), that’s very fortunate for me, because that’s what I do and you’re right here on my website. IT’S FATE. Seriously. Hire me. My landlord wants me to pay rent like, every single month.
  • Have a mooch around my shop, where I sell courses to help you do things like write better sales copy and start your own freelance writing business. And by ‘help you do things like’, I mean ‘help you do exactly these things’.
  • Download The Untamed Life, a brief guide I wrote to doing meaningful work, earning money online and living a life of freedom. All I require in exchange is your email address and your first-born child. Once I’ve got your email address, I’m going to send you way-too-personal-for-the-blog insights into my life and work a couple of times a month. And once I’ve got your first-born child, I’m going to raise it to do my bidding and possibly dress it up in tiny versions of my own clothes. You have been warned.
  • Check out my about page if you’re sad that this page is about to end.

Look, I got this award 3 years in a row.

If that’s not proof enough that I’m great, you can just go. Walk out the door.
Haha, now that stupid song is stuck in your head and you only have yourself to blame.