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Seize Hearts & Open Wallets

With Fun, Casual Copy that Fuels Trust


Want to Know a Secret About Selling?

Come closer, because I need to whisper this conspiratorially:

You can’t sell stuff if your copy is crap.

Ahahaha, I’m just kidding. Well, I’m not, because that is true. But it’s not exactly a secret.

A few things you might not know though:

  • Short attention spans are not the problem – your writing is
  • Serious and professional are NOT THE SAME
  • Fun, casual copy can help you sell more (and still be totally profesh)
  • Being boring and playing it safe are shortcuts to bankruptcy
  • Selling, when done right, is not sleazy, not even a little bit
  • Pineapple is actually one of the best pizza toppings

First, I wanna show you 5 tweaks you can implement in your copy right now to make people love you and want to buy your stuff. Keep reading to get your hands on that slice of deliciousness.

Here’s My Gimme-Your-Email Bribe

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  • These fixes really can be implemented instantly
  • Your copy will be approx 937 times better afterwards
  • I’ll also email you from time to time with good shit
  • I won’t barrage you with 5 sales emails a week
  • My emails are hilarious and you’ll like them
  • But you can still unsubscribe whenever
  • Oh, and I’m Karen Marston – s’a pleasure