11 Signs Your Freelance Writing Client is a Bit of a Tosspot

Not all clients are great clients. If your clients do any of these things, there’s a strong chance they fall into the tosspot category:

1. Bring Agreed-Upon Deadlines Forward
It’s as if signing a contract means NOTHING to them.

2. Quietly Add Extra Work to the Project Without Expecting to Pay More
Commonly known as ‘scope creep’. Those rat-bastards!

3. Take an Ice Age to Answer Your Emails
So approximately 10,000 years.

4. Or Just Ignore Them Altogether
Because if you were any good, you’d already know the answer.

5. But Are Still Being Pissed Off When You Don’t Deliver On Time
Who needs feedback anyway?

6. Expect You to Change Your Schedule Because They Haven’t Finished THEIR End of the Work
*extreme headdesk*

7. Expect You to Start on Their Project RIGHT NOW
Only a crazy person would think of scheduling projects, right?

8. Subtly Drop ‘I Don’t Have a Big Budget’ into the Conversation
At this point you should give them the deadpan ‘are you serious right now?’ glare.

9. Constantly Change Their Mind About What They Want
Evidently they haven’t put much thought into this.

10. You’re Pretty Sure They Don’t Know WHAT They Want
So you can just decide for them, okay? But don’t put too much effort in, because you’ll probably be wrong.

11. Tell You What You’ve Done ‘Isn’t Right’ But Can’t Tell You Why
It’s desk flippin’ time.

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