2015 Plans for Untamed Writing

2014 was a good year for Untamed Writing. 2015 is going to be even better. Here’s what I’m planning to do:

The Advanced Class

So I guess you’ve probably already figured out that this is a big part of my plans for next year. I want to finish up the beta test of The Advanced Class: How to Score Highly Paid Blogging Gigs, get feedback from my students, tweak it, make it awesome, get it professionally designed, and then launch it to the public.

The Master Class

What’s this, you say? A SECRET PROJECT? Yes indeed. I don’t expect I will get this completed by the end of the year, but I’d like to start work on it at least.

Coaching Services for Freelance Writers

One thing I’ve been thinking about for a while is launching coaching services for freelance writers. A few people have asked me about it, and I’m now doing it behind the scenes with a few of my Advanced Class students. I like it. It’s fun and I want to do more of it. I want to help more of you get better clients and quit your jobs, and this seems like a fine way to do it.


I was going to call it a rebrand, but the brand will really be the same. Just more awesome. So what I’m really talking about here is a redesign: I want a spanky new logo and a slicker, more organised design for the website. Speaking of – if you know anybody, let me know: karen@untamedwriting.com

Blog Twice Weekly

That’s right, kids. I’m going to start publishing blog posts TWICE A WEEK. Dun dun duuunnn! From now on, you can expect to see new blog posts on Untamed Writing every Tuesday and Thursday. Except tomorrow, because tomorrow is New Year’s Day, dude, and I’m probably going to be hungover.

Blog More for Writers

Since this blog started, it’s been targeted at a broader audience of people who want to run online businesses. But it’s become more and more apparent to me over the past few months that most of you are aspiring writers. Probably aspiring writers who want to run businesses from your laptops and live life your own way. So I’m going to talk more about stuff that will be directly useful to you guys.

Pitch One Guest Post Per Week

Last year I had in a mind a vague ‘get some guest posts published’ thing. As a result, I only had two guest posts published. Both of them boosted my traffic considerably, and it never sank back down to what it was before. There’s a lesson here. I’m going to heed it and commit to pitching one guest post per week. Note that the goal here is not to get a guest post published every week, because that’s not under my control. But pitching IS under my control, which is the way goals should be.

Stop Being So Shit at Social Media

Sometimes I’m amazed I’m doing so well when I consider how abysmal my marketing efforts are. As you can probably tell from how I’ve titled this goal, I haven’t thought a great deal about it. I just know I suck at social media and that it’s an important part of marketing, especially when you run a personal brand like Untamed Writing. I experimented with using Buffer this year, and it was pretty cool. I need to pick that back up again, methinks. And probably make sure I, you know… post on social media daily. I’m thinking a couple of times a day on the Facebook page, and several times a day on Twitter. I actually enjoy doing both things, but I just never make time for them. CHANGE, THIS MUST.

Study More

I’ve bought multiple courses this year and done nothing with them. Also books. I read a grand total of seven business-related books this year, which is a fucking poor effort. And some of them are only loosely ‘business’ related. I want to devote at least one ‘slot’ per week to studying. This should be easy because, again, I enjoy it. SO WHY THE FUCK DON’T I DO IT? Because it’s easier not to, of course, lazy bones.


Ah, now here is the big one, on which all others rely. Last year I said I was going to work on my productivity and, well… I kind of did. I tried. I failed. This year I’m going to take it more seriously. So seriously that next week’s first blog post (because there will also be a second, huzzah!) will be exclusively about this. The main things I want to get to grips with are working consistently, not leaving everything to the last minute, and experimenting with different work schedules to see what works for me. Right now, I work Monday to Friday, but my hours are ALWAYS different and – I’m not going to lie – sometimes the only thing I do is respond to emails. The only way I’ve managed to move my business forward this year is by forcing myself to be accountable to others. I want to become accountable to myself, too. Basic thing I need to get to grips with? Doing things in advance. If I do things in advance, I will do things better and I won’t be so stressed. BOTH SUPER IMPORTANT THANGS, GUYS.