4 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Cold Email Pitches

If you’re not getting responses to your cold emails, it’s highly likely you’re making one of these dumb mistakes. Or maybe all of them! Either way, you need to fix them if you want to get better results.

1. Forgetting to Replace Template Details

If you work from a template message when you email leads, you’ll probably have things like INSERT NAME HERE and [cute detail about lead here] scattered throughout. Forgetting to replace those placeholders with actual, accurate information is 100% going to guarantee you don’t get a reply. Except maybe a brief, ‘What are you, a fucking idiot? Don’t contact me again, spammer.’ It may just be a case of accidentally leaving the previous lead’s name in, instead of inserting the new one. Whoops! (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.)

2. Making It All About You

If you immediately launch into a diatribe about why you’re so awesome and you’re the guy or gal for the job, the recipient of your email is going to do one of two things: 1) Delete your email without bothering to respond, or 2) Slam their head against the desk, then delete your email without responding. You need to focus on how you can help them. You can still refer to yourself, of course – you need to give them some indication you’re up to the task, after all – but you need to do it in the context of the client.

3. Making It WAY Too Fucking Long

Listen, we’re all busy, and nobody’s got time to read through a five-paragraph email from a stranger (especially if it’s one of those all-about-me types). Get to the point. And do it quickly. Which I guess is what getting to the point is. Unlike I’m doing right now. MOVING ON.

4. Not Including a CTA (Call to Action)

I know you think people should automatically understand what you want them to do – like email you back and hire you – but they won’t. Or they will, but it won’t register consciously. On the other hand, if you actually TELL them to do something (‘save this email in case you need me later’ or ‘just hit reply to this email if you’d like more information’) they will be a bazillion times more likely to do it. Factoid. Protip: include the CTA at the end of the email, otherwise they’ll forget all about it as they continue reading.

I know, I know. Cold emailing is tedious. But sometimes you’ve just gotta. And if you’re going to do it, might as well not waste your time by fucking it up.