You ever wish you could just be who you are and do what’s right for you without worrying what other people think all the time, or telling yourself you can’t?

HARD SAME, FRIEND. Hard. Frickin’. Same. (Hi! I’m Karen Marston, by the way.)

Now, do any of these sound familiar?

  1. You care too much what people think
  2. You listen to others over what your gut tells you
  3. You don’t reeeeally understand yourself or how you work
  4. You’re not even sure what you want (so maybe you’ll just hesitate until you die 🤷🏻‍♀️)

I’ve battled with all of these throughout my life, too, though I’ve got most of them in a pretty solid headlock by now. Sometimes they still kick my ass, depending on what I’m trying to accomplish, but I’ve figured out A LOT about how to combat them over the years. Here are some of my favourite lessons life’s thrown at me so far:

  • The only way to become more confident at something is to, you know… do it. Over and over again, until it feels normal
  • There are some things you can change about yourself, and some things you can’t. Figuring out which are which is crucial
  • Achieving what you want is MUCH easier if you learn how to work with the personality you’ve got, rather than trying to force yourself to be someone else
  • Everyone is different, and what works for one person might not work for you. Be wary of anyone who touts their method as THE method
  • Building good habits into your life can help you get what you want, but not EVERYTHING can be turned into a habit – not even if you do it for 66 days or whatever the magic number is supposed to be
  • Sometimes the things we tell ourselves we want aren’t actually what we want at all – we just like the idea of them
  • We should be extremely discerning about who we go to for advice. Rule of thumb: only listen to people you respect and who have achieved the thing you want to achieve. Don’t listen to every dumbass who tries to give you unsolicited advice
  • Most people don’t give a shit what we do, or even notice we’re doing it. It’s the drama going on inside our head that’s the problem
  • Never finding out whether you could make something work is so, so, so much worse than trying and failing

I’m on a quest to live the life I want and shape myself into the version of me I WANT to be – and hopefully to inspire you to do the same. Loosely speaking, I share what I’ve learned on the blog, and what I’m learning in my newsletter.