I’m Karen Marston, the best copywriter in Edinburgh (also I totally get how SEO works) but I work with people all over the world, because Skype and email are things.

I’ve been writing for a living since 2012, and not only am I not homeless yet, but I live in a nicer place now than I did back then, which is the sort of direction you want things to go in. I specialise in fun-to-read internety-type stuff, which I feel I am extremely talented at. Some other people think I’m quite good at it too.

My credentials include an expired food hygiene certificate, seven years’ experience as a you-can-only-have-ice-if-you-specifically-ask-for-it bartender, and a lifetime of oversharing on the internet. Also I have a first-class degree in Journalism somewhere.

Now here are some lists because everyone enjoys reading those:

My interests are:

  • Making the most of this shitstorm called life
  • Doing meaningful, creative work
  • Books books books, all the books (except Lord of the Flies)
  • Getting annoyed about gender stereotypes
  • Ignoring unsolicited advice from idiots
  • Nerding out on stories set in space
  • Breaking the rules when the rules are dumb
  • Being unapologetically myself because I am great
  • Tweeting inane nonsense when I should be working

Right now I’m working on:

  • This blog, obviously (new posts semi-regularly)
  • A space adventure novel with a reference to tentacle sex in the opening line
  • Whatever people hire me to write for them
  • Getting more fibre into my diet (you think I’m making a joke but fibre is important)

Some random crap about me:

  • I spend ‘too much’ time in my pyjamas, whatever that means
  • Bitter about the fact that someone else has owned karenmarston.com for a bazillion years
  • Passionately dislike the winky emoji and automatically distrust anyone who uses it
  • If you haven’t noticed my logo’s got a wolf in it yet, I question what you’re doing with your life
  • Margaret Atwood once signed my Kindle, though she seemed unimpressed by the whole ordeal