This is where I share my secrets for making money online in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and your life – while still managing to pay the bills.

I’m leading a rebellion against sleazy sales tactics, against hustling and hacking, and against prescriptive must-do-or-fail-forever bullshit business advice.

Untamed Writing is all about:

  • Doing good, meaningful work that makes you feel nice on the inside
  • Telling your story – not what you think you should be saying to win sales
  • Breaking the rules when the rules are dumb (and also because it’s fun)
  • Shunning perfection in favour of hey-that’s-actually-pretty-good!
  • Only taking advice from people whose values align with your own
  • Flouting business advice that makes you feel sketchy
  • Listening to your gut over all else (because if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t)
  • Actively striving not to be a 36-hour-work-day entrepreneur (what the fuck is with those guys?)
  • Never ever adding ‘preneur’ onto anything but ‘entre’ (I’m looking at you, soulpreneurs)

If you’re feeling frazzled thanks to 67 pieces of conflicting business advice and how the hell you’re supposed to make them work in harmony – without selling your soul or sanity – firstly, take a biiiiiig breath in. And out.

Now come a little closer and let me whisper something to you: you can do things in the way that feels right to you – without sacrificing your identity, your integrity, or your incendiary no-bullshit attitude (just me?) – and still run a successful business.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should never listen to what the ‘business gurus’ (cough) have to say. Only that you should hear it with a critical ear – then take on board what makes sense to you and ditch the rest.

If something makes sense to you, try it. If it doesn’t, fuck it. Because as far as I’m concerned that’s the only way to build a business that truly aligns with who you are what you value – and if your business doesn’t do that, what’s even the point?

Yes, You CAN Run a Business That Doesn’t Feel Gross
(But Still Makes Money)

Listen, this is the internet: there’s approximately a 100% chance that somebody out there is already doing what you do (or want to do). But that doesn’t mean you have a 100% chance of failure.

No, what it means is you have to find a way to get noticed that isn’t just having the slickest website design, the most useful content or an outrageously on-point SEO strategy.

Those things are very good and helpful, yes. But they’re incredibly hard to be the actual best at. So instead of trying to be the best, try to be different – in the way only you can.

By being yourself.

Being yourself in your business means:

  • People will get to know the real you
  • People will naturally trust you more (weird how honesty accomplishes that, eh?)
  • If people trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you
  • Some people won’t like who you are, what you do or how you do it – but others will, a lot
  • And the ones who do are the ones who matter – they are your people, so fuck everyone else
  • Bonus points: you will enjoy your work roughly 2000 times more

So stop trying to cater to everyone, constantly playing it safe out of fear of offending somebody – somebody who, in all likelihood, was never going to buy from you anyway.

And start being yourself so the right people can find you.

If you read all that while frantically nodding your head, you may be interested in these specific things I can help you with:

  • Writing good, personality-filled copy that helps you sell stuff without feeling shady
  • Being clear and concise in your writing so you can get your message across fully
  • Branding your business (freelance or otherwise) in a way that feels like you
  • Blogging in a way that keeps people coming back for more because you are why they’re here
  • Starting a freelance writing or editing business that revolves around your interests and skills

Check out my services, courses, and blog for more details.

A Little About Meeeeee

Oh ho! You want to learn about me, do you? Well, hi there. I’m Karen Marston, writer, editor and general caller-out of all things bullshit (yes, I’m an asshole at dinner parties).

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I started this business for all the reasons I’m sure you started (or want to start) yours: for freedom, for independence, and to save the world from a giant asteroid – no, wait. That’s Armageddon.

I didn’t want to waste my life working for someone else, doing what I was told and – *spits* – following rules. I’ve been fired twice, was kicked out of college and almost expelled from school. I’M NOT JUST TALK, GUYS. I LOVE BREAKING RULES.

The only thing I came into my freelance writing career with was a dusty first-class degree in Journalism (I begged my way back into college after spending an entire year of my life spoonfeeding old people and peeling potatoes) and seven years’ experience as a you-can-only-have-ice-if-you-specifically-ask-for-it bartender, which is how I know it’s possible to get started as a freelance writer with no experience.

Over time my business evolved from something I did purely to pay the bills into something I fell passionately, aggressively in love with and I will fight anyone who tries to part me from it. Turns out I really love writing and I’m also kind of good at it, which is an excellent combination for someone who runs a writing business.

Now here is a list because everyone enjoys reading those:

  • I love watching TV and playing video games too, and I think that’s perfectly fine because we don’t have to be mindful every fucking second of the god damn day. (Though I would also argue that you can do both of those things mindfully anyway, so whatever, lifestyle gurus.)
  • Feminist. Obviously.
  • I’m a minimalist, but in the least cunty, pretentious way possible, I promise. Mostly it just means I wear the same outfit for days in a row, get distressed by the idea of junk drawers, and laugh hysterically as I hug my possessions and try to determine if they spark joy.
  • If you haven’t noticed my logo’s got a wolf in it yet, I question what you’re doing with your life.
  • I have ulcerative colitis, which is a bowel disease that means I sometimes consider quitting alcohol until I get invited to the pub and forget all about it.
  • I once got Margaret Atwood to sign my Kindle. It was epiiiiic.
  • Being alone in nature is my happy place, in case the photos on this site weren’t enough to tip you off.

If you had to stop yourself from high-fiving your screen just now, you should probably come and join the rebellion. I will email you excellent shit (but not too often, because ugh).