Feeling Lost and Directionless? I Was Too.

I went to my dad’s funeral in 2011. There, I met David. I’d never met or even heard of him before. He was one of my dad’s old friends. They used to go to the pub together. A smart, academic-type guy, we got chatting about what the hell I was going to do now. I’d just returned from backpacking, which was what I’d planned to keep doing for the foreseeable […]

How to Not Instantly Forget All the Shit You Learn

Do you ever feel like there is just TOO MUCH TO LEARN? Which sucks, because you want to be smarter and, you know, intelligible in conversations over dinner. And so you try to devour everything as quickly as you can to make time for it all. Or, at least, you feel like you should devour as much as you can as quickly as you can. Well, I’m sorry to tell […]

6 Things You’ll Miss When You Start Freelance Writing

1. Getting Paid Regularly Okay, so you should be getting paid regularly as a freelancer. But in the beginning, maybe not so much. And, of course, there will no longer be such a thing as ‘pay day’ in your life. Admittedly, I really don’t miss my weekly £200 paycheque, because if that was all the money I was getting each week now, I’d still be living with insane people instead […]

Why I Was on the Streets in My Pyjamas, and What I Learned

Okay, so here’s what happened. Around 8.20 Friday morning, my buzzer goes. I answer it and this guy says in a singsong voice, ‘Postman!’ Now, the postman does usually buzz me, but he never sings, and he’s never usually this early. I was suspicious but I let him in anyway because what if the postman was just feeling super jovial this morning? Watching through my spyhole, I see three people […]

How to Take Time Off Without Killing Your Copywriting Business

Have you been wondering when the hell you’ll be able to take some time off from this exhausting business you decided to start? Possibly wondering what demon possessed you when you decided to quit your job, your lovely lovely job where you could book time off? You can’t just book a week off with your boss, knowing someone else will pick up the slack while you’re gone. Because without you, […]

On Grandmothers, Whips, and Productivity

‘Do you want me to come round with a whip?’ I just got off the phone with my grandmother, and that’s what she said to me. I know, right? Brilliant mental image for you right there. She’s about four foot four, has short white permed hair, watery blue eyes and folds of skin like a shar pei. And she’s threatening to lash me with a whip. ‘You get up in […]

What to Do When You’re Paralysed with Fear and Can’t Take the First Step

I met for coffee with one of my readers today. She wants to start her own freelance writing business – has wanted to for years, in fact – but she’s never been able to take the first step. Because she’s paralysed with fear. Because she’s a perfectionist and doesn’t want to get it wrong. Because she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do first. Or second. Or tenth. And she’s […]

Boost Your Productivity: How to Get Enough Sleep

If you’re just starting your own business – no, scratch that. If you’re any sort of business owner – whether you’re just starting out, in your first couple of years, or have been doing it for going on twenty years – you’re probably not getting enough sleep. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. SLEEPING WASTES PRECIOUS TIME. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m […]

Why You Should Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

Sure, running your own business can be super stressful. What if you can’t find any clients? What if nobody will pay you what you’re worth? What if you’re not motivated enough to do any work? What if you hate it? How do you pay taxes? How do you send invoices? What if everyone thinks you’re shit? Plenty of stuff to put you off running a business, for sure. Most people […]