Copywriting Services for Personal Brands

Have you ever tried to write copy for your business, only to end up:

  • Sounding too business-like
    You want to sound professional but what you came up with is stuffy and boring – and you don’t know how to make it sound more natural.
  • Sounding like a crazed loon or a flowery asshole
    You tried to inject some personality and went a little overboard. Put down the thesaurus and step away from the exclamation points.
  • Unable to translate what you do into layman’s terms
    Your business offers a pretty technical product or service, and it works wonders – but you have no idea how to translate it into something that will make sense to your customers.
  • With text littered with jargon, fluff, clichés, and other stuff that doesn’t really mean anything
    You were trying to sound intelligent and literary and, you know – like somebody who would be good to work with. But you just ended up looking pretentious.
  • Throwing your keyboard against the wall in despair
    Because you hate hate hate writing – but you know how crucial it is to your business’s success.
  • Writing something that resembles one of your college essays
    You haven’t written since your school days, and now the only way you know how involves citations and the third-person narrative.
  • Struggling to convey exactly what people will get from working with you
    You know exactly how you can help improve people’s lives – but you have no idea how to explain how you do it.

And is all you really want to promote your business, products and services in a conversational, relatable but still professional way that builds trust, sounds like you and makes people want to buy specifically from you?

I can help you with:

  • Website copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales pages for premium products and services
  • Lead magnets/opt-in gifts
  • Marketing emails
  • Ebooks
  • Course content
  • Email pitches/cold email templates

(Psst, if you want help with your blog, check out my content strategy services.)

How I Can Help

I offer three levels of support for different needs, wants and budgets.


This is for you if you despise/are undeniably bad at/don’t have time for writing, but know how important it is for building trust, attracting the right people and making sales – and just want a talented writer to take the reins and do it for you. (That’s me!)

I’ll whip up some entertaining, interesting, readable copy that sounds like you and helps you sell your stuff (and the only time you’ll need to touch your keyboard is to wipe off the saliva that’ll surely pool on it as you read your copy).

Ideally suited for:
Your website’s main-page copy, and sales pages for premium products or services.

Pricing and process:
If you want me to write for you, please have at least £1500 set aside for your copywriting budget. That’ll get you several pages of regular website copy, or one long sales page to help you sell a premium product or service.

Turnaround time is usually two weeks – this includes an initial Skype call, one week of writing, and then a full week dedicated to edits to ensure we get things just right and sounding like you.

Karen!!!!! I read the pages you sent me. OH. MY. GOD!!


I totally love how you portrayed the team and made them come alive on the page!! Awesome!! Same with the about us – I really connected with that and I’m sure I won’t be the only one!

Karen you’re definitely hitting it right on the nose. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!

– Kate Wolfe

Copy Editing

This is for you if you’ve written your own copy but it came out too boring, too rambly, or even too personal – and you want me to go in and turn it into something entertaining, concise and professional.

I’ll toss in some much-needed personality, making your content more conversational and natural-sounding, while cutting out the crap and helping you make your point more clearly. When I’m done with it, people will be racing to the end. I’ll also fix your spelling, punctuation and grammar (in UK or US English).

Ideally suited for:
Longer bits of copy, such as ebooks, lead magnets/opt-in freebies, course content, and anything longer than 5000 words you’d like to add some pizazz to. I can also help with your website’s main-page copy.

Pricing and process:
Projects start at £500, though I’ll need to see what I’m working with before I can give you a precise quote.

I’ll conduct a free 500-word sample edit on all projects of 5000+ words so you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.

As a professional editor myself, I know the importance of having a second pair of eyes go over what I’ve written – but man, I did NOT expect how much fun it would be to work with you on my course copy, Karen!

Not only did you cut out all my waffling and spot embarrassing typos, but you injected some much-needed punch into the materials, too – and my students often comment on how much they enjoy reading their modules. I’m super-proud of what we’ve created together.

– Sophie Playle

Copy Critiquing

This is for you if you’re on a budget, have written your own copy, and want to make sure it gives you any hope at all of selling anything/being hired by anyone ever.

I’ll look at what you’ve got and what you’re trying to achieve with it, then give you feedback. I’ll write up a detailed report that addresses things like how effective your copy is for selling, whether you’ve written with the reader in mind, and how you can transform your writing into something more conversational and relatable.

Ideally suited for:
Sales pages and email pitches that aren’t getting results, and making sure your entire website is cohesive, well-branded and doesn’t say anything that might put potential customers off.

Pricing and process:

  • £50 for a single email pitch/template.
  • £299 for a single sales page, up to 5000 words.
  • £349 for your entire website’s copy (excludes long sales pages).

If there’s something else you’d like me to critique (such as a single page of copy), let me know in the form down below. I’ll usually get your critique back to you within a week of receiving payment, and often sooner.

(If you’re a freelance writer – or trying to be – you might want to consider taking my freelance writing course instead, though I’ll happily critique your website or pitches through this service if you prefer.)

Ready to Get Started?

Fill in the form below with as much detail as you can and we’ll go from there. I might ask for more information or get you to fill in a questionnaire before I give you an exact quote and timeline.

All projects require at least a 50% deposit, and lower-priced projects are payable in full before the work commences.


Thank you so much for the amazing sales pages, Karen! I honestly don’t know how you do it – I work with words, and I could never write such engaging copy! Since using what you wrote for me, both my courses have sold out on multiple occasions. I’m stoked at how the writing still sounds like me and gets across exactly the information I need it to. It’s always fun to work with you, and it’s a good feeling knowing that my business copy is in such safe hands.

– Sophie Playle

Karen understands who you are and what you need almost from minute one. I sent Karen what I had, what I was trying to achieve and who my target audience was. We had a long chat to discuss what I was expecting, to clarify what I wanted and, I think importantly, for Karen to work out who I was.

A couple of days later the first draft turned up and I was blown away. Karen had got it. I would work with Karen again and have already recommended her to a friend. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Karen – you will not be disappointed.

– Rick Fawcett

Karen rescued us by producing killer content that emboldened us to speak to our visitors in a real, conversational style, and to embrace being different. We now have a brand new Karenized website that we are delighted with.

– Steve Johnston

Karen has greatly helped me with the writing for my web design website. Her work was cheeky but business-oriented so I gladly used the text for a magazine ad as well. I will hire Karen again when I need another writing piece, no doubt!

– Alex Glusman

I have been using Karen for her copywriting services for the past year and I can honestly say that she has been great to work with.

She quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and obviously takes the time to fully research what she is writing about. She’s always timely in delivering on agreed deadlines.

She is obviously a good writer but perhaps more important than that is her attitude and personality. Really great work all-round and I highly recommend that you give her a try.

– Joel Chudleigh