My main goal is to make the right people fall in love with your brand and feel they MUST work with/hire/buy from/sign up to/marry you or your thing. Unless your ideal customers are stuffy ancient white men who revel in tradition and convention, that is.

I am also here to:

  • Make your brand sound effortlessly cool and not try-hardy
  • Make it look like you know what the hell you’re doing online
  • Obliterate dull words and replace them with riveting ones
  • Help you command more money (I should have lead with that, right?)

I will take you from boring, cold, formal, clunky and robotic to entertaining, friendly, casual, conversational, smoooooooth and personable.

And you’ll still sound professional and trustworthy at the end of it. Probably even more so, because people will believe there are actual humans running things now. (EVERYONE KNOWS YOU CAN’T TRUST ROBOTS.)

What I Do

I mostly help brands rewrite their websites, but I can also write:

  • Email newsletters
  • App copy
  • Social media profiles
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Ebooks and courses
  • Other internety things

A few things I don’t do (unless it’ll mean I can finally afford that yacht):

  • Social media updates and scheduling
  • Blog management and content strategy
  • White papers and proposals
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Google and social media ads

If you’re an established business, a startup, a charitable or voluntary organisation, or an up-and-coming creative entrepreneur doing something awesome, and you want to attract people who get it, keep reading, because I soooo want to help you do this.

How This Works

Here’s some stuff you might be wondering about:

    Sure, I seem brilliant on the internet, but am I really? If you want to talk to me before making your decision, we can totally do that.
    Straight-up website rewrites with just a handful of pages take about two weeks from start to finish. If you have a huge website or need other stuff on top of website copy it’ll take longer.
    I won’t be able to start on your project, like, tomorrow. Instead, we’ll pick a start date that works for both of us.
    I will send you a questionnaire to drag everything I need out of you to be able to quote you. I will do this using Google Forms. It will be fun and easy, like eating pizza in bed.
    Website projects start from £2,500. Once I know exactly what you need, I’ll quote you a flat fee that includes everything: research, meetings, writing, editing, scribbling ideas down and crossing them out immediately, etc. If you need something else, let me know and I’ll figure out a quote.
  • 50% DEPOSIT
    Before we begin, you’ll pay me 50% of the total fee. The rest will be payable within 30 days of finishing. We’ll also sign an agreement laying everything out. I’m annoying and official like that.
    We’ll hop on a Skype call on the first day of the project so I can make sure I’ve got all the info I need. I may also pester you for more Skypage throughout, or I might just email you from time to time. Whatever it takes to make sure we nail this.

Sounds good, yes? Email me at to get started.

  • Karen!!!!! I read the pages you sent me. OH. MY. GOD!!

    I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally love how you portrayed the team and made them come alive on the page!! Awesome!! Same with the about us – I really connected with that and I’m sure I won’t be the only one!

    Karen you’re definitely hitting it right on the nose. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!

    – Kate Wolfe

  • Thank you so much for the amazing sales pages, Karen! I honestly don’t know how you do it – I work with words, and I could never write such engaging copy! Since using what you wrote for me, both my courses have sold out on multiple occasions. I’m stoked at how the writing still sounds like me and gets across exactly the information I need it to. It’s always fun to work with you, and it’s a good feeling knowing that my business copy is in such safe hands.

    – Sophie Playle

  • I just smiled lots. Good work :) All really good. Dropping ‘Bundles’ is inspirational by the way! Great work! A layer of terminology we just don’t need. It feels brilliant working with you, Karen. I’m really happy you get us and are on our side. Thanks for everything every day, you’re fab!

    – Daren Forsyth

  • Thanks Karen. The copy you provided definitely has the wow factor. It grabs my attention and makes me want to keep reading. I think it suits McGarry Fashion’s personality really well. I love the tone of voice. It’s the perfect balance between edgy and credible. All pages look great to me – superb job.

    – Aileen Baird

  • The draft is excellent. Totally on the right track. One or two of those lines made me grin. Personable, great tone, balance between experience and approachable.

    – Andrew McGarry

  • I really think you’ve done a great job. I think you’ve done a fab job of getting a little humour and snark in but keeping it kind. It’s a much better reflection of me and the product than it used to be (which is kind of the point I guess, but still!).

    – Ellen Bard

  • Hi Karen, where have you been hiding all these years? This is fab! I’ve used many copywriters over the years and have to say your work is always spot on, well written and I love your writing style.

    – Kay Dinsdale

  • Karen understands who you are and what you need almost from minute one. I sent Karen what I had, what I was trying to achieve and who my target audience was. We had a long chat to discuss what I was expecting, to clarify what I wanted and, I think importantly, for Karen to work out who I was.

    A couple of days later the first draft turned up and I was blown away. Karen had got it. I would work with Karen again and have already recommended her to a friend. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Karen – you will not be disappointed.

    – Rick Fawcett

  • Karen rescued us by producing killer content that emboldened us to speak to our visitors in a real, conversational style, and to embrace being different. We now have a brand new Karenized website that we are delighted with.

    – Steve Johnston

  • Karen has greatly helped me with the writing for my web design website. Her work was cheeky but business-oriented so I gladly used the text for a magazine ad as well. I will hire Karen again when I need another writing piece, no doubt!

    – Alex Glusman

  • I have been using Karen for her copywriting services for the past year and I can honestly say that she has been great to work with.

    She quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and obviously takes the time to fully research what she is writing about. She’s always timely in delivering on agreed deadlines.

    She is obviously a good writer but perhaps more important than that is her attitude and personality. Really great work all-round and I highly recommend that you give her a try.

    – Joel Chudleigh

  • You scrolled all the way to the end, you champ. Your reward is this sampling of things I’ve written for people. No, no. No need to thank me.

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