Fuck Perfection: You Need Consistency

Maybe you think becoming a successful freelance copywriter is all about being the best. About doing things perfectly. About knowing everything. And so you never even give it a shot, because hey, you’re probably just not good enough or smart enough to do this.


Yes, it obviously helps to be good at what you do, and to know some stuff. But guess what? That will never happen if you don’t even try. If you don’t practice.

Nothing will ever happen if you don’t do it. If you sit on your ideas and wait until you’re ‘ready’ to execute them, those poor sad little ideas will never come to anything. Instead, you need to stop waiting for the perfect moment, and just get the fuck on with it.

Look at me. I started this blog back in February 2013 and, newsflash, it was kinda crap. It wasn’t the worst stuff in the world, but it’s definitely not something I would publish now. I was incredibly sporadic for the first few months of this blog. I would post twice a week for a month, and then not at all for three months. If I’d gone on like that, my business certainly wouldn’t be where it is now.

So what changed? I made a commitment. On the first of January 2014, I committed to publishing once a week on the blog. Not only that, I committed to publishing on a certain day each week, because I knew from past experience that if I had a vague ‘publish once a week’ rule, I’d end up posting on Monday one week and Sunday the following week, effectively leaving two weeks between posts. Bad times.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that is why my publishing day is Wednesday. The first day of this year was a Wednesday. I didn’t put any more thought into it than that. I didn’t try to figure out the best day to publish on; I just knew I had to be consistent. So: Wednesdays became blog days. And would you look at that? I’ve only gone and stuck to it. Not everything I write is a masterpiece. Some of them are fucking terrible, if you ask me. But some of them are fucking awesome too, and I never would have written them if I hadn’t written the shitty ones in between.