How to Find Out if You Can Make Freelance Writing Pay

I visited my hometown recently and met up with a few old school friends. One of the questions that came up when I told them I run my own writing business was, ‘Don’t you ever get scared you’re not going to be able to make any more money?’

And my answer is no. I’m not scared of that. Because I don’t think it will happen. I’ve made money from writing now. And not just from writing – from teaching too, even from selling self-study products that don’t require any input from me. So I know how to do it. I know how to make money. I don’t expect I will always make money in the same way, doing the same things, but I know how to make money. And I’m confident I can do it again. And again. And again.

If you haven’t made any money yet, you probably do have that fear – that you won’t be able to make money for yourself, from your writing, whatever. And that’s a legit fear. Because you haven’t proven to yourself yet that you can do it.

So you need to get paid. Find your first client. Once you’ve done that, you can do it again. Stop fucking around reading countless blogs and books about how to do this, feeling scared that you won’t be able to make this work, yet never actually giving it a shot.

Stop trying to make things perfect. Stop waiting for the ideal conditions. Just focus all your attention now on getting your first client. And once you’ve done that, start trusting that you can make this work.

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