How Your Business Can Benefit from Bad Grammar

The rules you learned in school about writing could be harming your business. (Know what those rules will help with? Getting good grades in your essays. So if that’s what you’re shooting for, carry on.)

But if you’re a business owner who wants to connect with your customers, you can forget about those fusty old rules.

I break writing rules all the frickin’ time. ALL. THE. TIME. And I make my living from writing, so if I can get away with it, you can too.

I split infinitives, I skimp on auxiliary verbs, and I’m known to scatter Oxford commas liberally throughout my sentences (but I don’t always, and some people would argue that not being consistent makes it even worse).

Don’t worry if you don’t know what any of those rules mean. It doesn’t matter. (But if you’re curious, Google is a thing.)

Presumably, what you do know is how to speak. THAT’S the skill you need to harness when writing copy for your website.

Writing in a casual tone of voice, using words and sentences you’d say in person – that’s how you form a bond with your customers.

Because people want to do business with other people, not with businesses or companies or corporations or whatever.

Good copywriting isn’t about doing things correctly, it’s about evoking a response, connecting with your readers, making people feel something – and when was the last time a school essay made you feel anything other than bored shitless?