How You’re Scaring Away Potential Customers

How You're Scaring Away Potential Customers

Your customers don’t know the ins and outs of your industry – that’s why they’ve come to you.

So what makes you think they’ll know all the jargon in your industry?

There are four possible outcomes of using jargon. Yes, exactly four. And none of them are good:

  1. Your potential customers will feel stupid and leave.
  2. Your potential customers will decide it’s too much effort to find out what you mean and leave.
  3. Your potential customers won’t understand how you can help them and will leave.
  4. Your potential customers will think you’re a bit of a tool who uses fancy words to impress people and will laugh about you behind your back. And then leave.

Put some thought into what you’re saying so your customers don’t have to. People should easily understand what you do and how you can help them. Because if you want people to buy from you, you have to make it as easy possible for them.

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