What I Read in March 2017

‘This month will be better,’ I said. Hahahaha. Can you believe I only read one book in March as well? Over the past two months, I have only read two books? Christ. By this time last year, I had read 32 books. This year? I’m up to, um… six. God. Okay, THIS month really will be better. And I know this because I am already on track to finish two books before the week is out.

I’m not being hard on myself for my abysmal reading efforts over the past couple of months though. I mean, it’s not as if I haven’t been reading anything. In fact, during March there were only three days when I didn’t read at all. Still, it was a hectic month. I spent most of it rewriting all the copy on Untamed Writing, as well as searching for, finding, and moving into a new apartment. But now I am in my new apartment and I am raring to go.

Okay, enough talk. Here’s the fabulous book I read last month:

What I Read in March

The Lives of Christopher Chant (The Chrestomanci Series, Book 4), by Diana Wynne Jones
Finished on 21 March – Kindle

You may recall that when I started reading this series I was keen to get to book 4 because it was all about Chrestomanci’s formative years. In an annoying turn of events, this book has since been reclassified as ‘book 2’ of the series (according to Goodreads, anyway; Amazon still has it as number 4, which is weird, because aren’t they the same company?) SO I TOTALLY COULD HAVE JUST READ IT STRAIGHT AWAY. But whatever. I’m not mad. It was worth the wait and lived up to my expectations. So, umm, this is a great series but I promise to talk about something else next month. Until then, I hope you enjoy the knowledge that I found a spider in my bedroom and I named him Chant. I also hope you enjoy the fact that I can talk about a book without actually telling you anything about the book.

My March Statistics

Books read: 1

Fiction: 1
Non-fiction: 0

Audiobooks: 0
Kindle books: 1
Physical books: 0

2017 book total: 6

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