Menstruation, Mooncups and Marketing

First off, watch this video. Yes. Do it.

And men – don’t be alarmed if you suddenly feel the urge to rush out and buy an environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. Just go with it. Buy one for your sister or something. That will not be a totally weird interaction to have with her, promise.

Breezing over the ingenuity of the lines ‘throw in the towel’ and ‘no strings attached,’ let’s take a look at why this is such a powerful vid.

It Focuses on Benefits Over Features

There’s no mention of humdrum information like how a Mooncup works, what it’s made from or what it costs. Instead, it focuses on things a woman actually cares about:

  • No dryness or irritation (it’s comfortable)
  • No additives or chemicals (it’s better for you)
  • Reusable (it’s good for the environment AND the pocket)
  • Holds three times as much as tampons (you don’t have to change it often)

Ladies, the Mooncup is good for the environment, your body and your wallet – beating tampons and towels on all counts.

It Addresses Concerns

The video also blows a couple of fears women might have out of the water:

  • People will think you’re a hippie
  • It’s weird and gross

After seeing that sassy blonde minx fight its corner, it’s clear the Mooncup is for badass chicks who don’t give a crap what other people think.

This video is powerful because it offers a solution to a problem women didn’t even know they had. Tampons are kind of itchy, aren’t they? And yeah, I do always feel bad when I toss another one in the toilet. (Uh, not that I do that.)

And if it has the side effect of causing women to trip out and have rap battles in dingy toilets, I wouldn’t be surprised.

But the truly incredible part? All this without even knowing what a Mooncup even looks like.