Is It Okay to Voice Your Political Opinions in Your Business?

After the trauma that was Donald Trump being elected as president last week, I posted a supportive message on Untamed Writing’s Facebook page for all my American readers who were suffering through it.

What I did not expect was that someone would reply with, ‘Mourning? Are you kidding? I’m celebrating!’

Because no, I definitely was not kidding. My first reaction to this comment was simply to be astounded that someone who liked Donald Trump could also like me. We’re on opposite ends of all the fucking spectrums in the universe. I believe in equal rights for all, including people of colour, the LGBTQ community, women, the disabled, Muslims, Mexicans, fucking everyone, okay? I also believe in higher taxes for wealthy people and corporations. Austerity can get fucked. Just use the rich people’s money to help the poor. Free access to healthcare and education. I am a citizen of the world and think everyone else should be too. And a bunch of other shit that makes me a bleeding-heart liberal. Also, I have nice hair.

But when I got past this shocking revelation that any Trump supporters at all were following me on social media, I started thinking about whether or not it’s a good idea to share your political opinions through your business.

And you know what? I think the answer is yes – if you run a personal brand.

Because it’s stuff like this – the things we believe in, our opinions, what we stand for – that give people a way to relate with us. That helps strengthen bonds. Having things in common is one of the best ways to make real connections with people. And making real connections with people is the best way to succeed in business.

I’m not saying you should use your business as your own personal soapbox. (Like, I’m not about to start writing about politics on my blog because no one comes here for that.) But you shouldn’t shy away from saying anything political at all. I feel fairly safe in the belief that 95% of my followers are bleeding-heart liberals just like me. At least I hope they are, because I really don’t want to welcome any fanatical Trump supporters into my community. So sharing my own views on shit like this? Is only going to strengthen the Untamed Writing community – and the bond between me and you.

So don’t hide who you are and what you believe in out of fear of putting someone off working with you – because it’ll only make the right people want to work with you even more.