How to Do A Million More Things (Warning: Requires Sacrifice)

As you age, you get wrinkles and grey hair or bald patches.
There is no perfect appearance.

After you’ve cleaned the house, the dust and dirt slowly starts to gather again.
There is no perfectly clean house.

When you buy your dream shoes, the heels eventually wear down.
There are no perfect shoes.

Your favourite book when you were 16 might seem like total trash now.
There are no perfect books.

You put fresh batteries in your wireless keyboard, and after a few months they die.
There are no perfect batteries.

You wash your clothes, then you wear them and have to wash them again.
There are no perfectly clean clothes.

You buy a lamp you love for your living room, and after three years you hate it.
There are no perfect household decorations.

You buy a beautiful new notebook, and eventually the pages run out.
There are no perfect notebooks.

Nothing ever stays the same. Which means nothing can ever be perfect.

For these things to remain perfect, they’d have to be stopped in time. Time would have to cease ticking for perfection to exist in the world.

That’s right: perfection does not exist.

So stop trying to get to perfect and just do what’s good enough.

There’s no perfect blog post.

There’s no perfect theme for your website.

There’s no perfect tagline for your business.

There’s no perfect combination of words for your services page.

There’s no perfect client email.

There’s no perfect pitch.

There’s no perfect time to start work or to finish it.

There’s no perfect morning routine.

There’s no perfect bedtime routine.

There’s no perfect anything.

There are good versions of all of these things. Workable versions. Versions that will get you where you want to go. But none of them are perfect.

Over time, everything changes. What you do now may not be what you’ll think you should have done in the future. Your opinions, tastes and ideas will all change as time marches on. So you need to stop trying to figure out the perfect way to do things right now, because before you know it everything will have changed again and you’ll have missed your chance to do anything at all.

Just do what’s good enough for right now. And in six months, or a year, or ten years, if you’ve changed your mind (which you will), you can change the thing too.

You must sacrifice perfection if you ever want to get anything done.