Copywriting Services for Personal Brands

Do you have any of these problems when trying to write copy for your business?

  • Sounding too business-like and serious
  • Going overboard when you try to inject personality
  • Filling your copy with jargon, clichés and fluff
  • Penning something that sounds more like a dissertation
  • Struggling to say what you really mean

If so, I can help. I offer three levels of service, all designed to help you get your personality on the page in a professional, conversational way that builds trust and makes people want to buy specifically from you.

Content Strategy for Personal Brands

Have you tried to start a blog for your business, only to struggle with the following?

  • What the hell you’re even supposed to write
  • How you’re supposed to say it in a new way
  • Coming up with ideas upon ideas
  • Writing things that get noticed, shared and interacted with
  • How this is supposed to translate into paying clients

Blogging can help you grow a dedicated, loyal audience who’ll buy your things and shout about them to everyone else – but only if you do it right. And that’s where I come in. I’ll help you figure out how to blog in a way that actually gets results.