28-Day Experiments

5 Lessons from a Group Writing Challenge

Last week I shared my own lessons from the 28-day writing challenge. But I am just one person! An awesome person, admittedly, but still only one. So I thought it’d be fun to share some of the insights from everyone else who took the challenge alongside me. Here’s what this beautiful burgeoning community had to say: Accountability Works One of the main reasons I started this challenge was to help […]

What I Learned from Writing 500 Words a Day

For this entire year I’ve been saying how I thought writing every day would be the most impactful thing I could do for my business. But I still never did anything about it. Instead I’ve been creating new courses, running old ones, and swanning about the globe. So at the start of October I got my shit together and started a new 28-day challenge: to write 500 words every single […]

What It’s Like Living with Ulcerative Colitis (and Why I Quit My Super Strict Diet)

Most people haven’t heard of ulcerative colitis. It’s an IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) similar to Crohn’s and I have it. It’s the reason I ate nothing but meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese and butter for five months. When told ulcerative colitis is an IBD, people sometimes say, ‘Oh yeah! I have IBS. It’s awful.’ But it’s not the same thing. ‘Irritable’ and ‘inflammatory’ are different. ‘Syndrome’ and ‘disease’ are different. Ulcerative […]

Do You Wish You Wrote More? JOIN ME ON A QUEST.

[Note from the future, AKA 2018: The Facebook group mentioned in this post no longer exists. Sorry!] Ever got into such horrendous productivity habits that you end up like this: ‘Ugghhh. I need to write. But I can’t remember how. I hate myself.’ And then you stare vacantly into your coffee for three hours lamenting your entire life’s purpose and wondering if you will ever achieve anything worthwhile in this […]

What I Learned from Working Out Three Times a Week

Back in September I stopped exercising. It wasn’t accidental or out of laziness. It was intentional. Froze my gym membership and everything. I’d decided I was not going to do any exercise for the next few months. Weird, right? Who actively decides that? But I needed a break from it. Not because I’d been going at it particularly hard. On the contrary, my workout efforts throughout the year had been […]

What I Learned from Overhauling My Diet Overnight

You may remember waaaaay back in November I shared that my latest 28-day experiment was to cut back to eating just 300 cals of sweet treats per day, after my food-logging experiment revealed my horrific tendency to eat tons of sugar and processed crap every single day. I also stated that I was not going to try to cut out sweets altogether, since I didn’t believe in giving anything up […]

My Latest 28-Day Experiment: Tracking My Food

It’s been a while since I talked about the 28-day experiments I started conducting earlier this year. The last time was back at the beginning of July, right before my trip to America. So – have I done any more experiments since I got home months ago? YES! Well, I’ve done one. And I’m still doing it, in fact. A couple of nights ago, at around 2am, I woke up […]

How to Improve Your Life and Business by Conducting 28-Day Experiments

Something I started doing a few months ago is 28-day experiments. I’ve found they’re an excellent way to make gradual changes to my work and lifestyle without too much pressure. I’m the kind of person who rebels against rules and is absolutely horrified at the thought of any sort of restriction placed on me, so saying I’m going to commit to doing something ‘forever’ – the way we often do […]

What I Learned from Writing First Thing Every Morning

Recently I decided to start conducting 28-day experiments, making simple tweaks to my day-to-day life to find out what works best for me. This sprang from me getting increasingly frustrated at myself for never being able to make any real changes to my lifestyle. Every day I’d think I had a better idea than the day before, so I’d do that instead – never giving anything a proper chance. So […]

What I Learned from My 28-Day Exercise Challenge (Plus a New Challenge!)

So, four weeks ago I decided to embark on a challenge: to exercise every morning except on Sundays. I’d alternate between plyometric training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and strength training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For a long time I’ve been obsessed with crafting the perfect morning routine, but have been getting increasingly frustrated with myself for not being able to decide the ‘best’ morning routine, and so not […]