Annual Reviews and Plans

2014: A Year in Review

Holy shit, what a year, eh? I’m completely bemused at how it’s almost over already, although when I read back over last year’s review, I realise how far I’ve come. Something incredible dawned on me a few days ago: I haven’t worked ‘a job’ for over two years now, which is pretty fucking awesome. (Especially considering that I also have a lot more money in the bank than I did […]

2013: A Year in Review

Before I sat down to write this post, I felt like I didn’t get a whole hell of a lot done this year. But then I remember that I only started this whole ‘make money from writing online’ thing a little over a year ago. I made my first pound (well, more like thirty) on 26 September 2012. I quit my job at the end of November 2012. Since then, […]