6 Embarrassing Freelance Copywriting Mistakes I’ve Made (Please Don’t Read This?)

Someone once told me it was reassuring to learn that I am as messed up as everyone else. It’s not my favourite compliment to ever have received, but if you squint at it, it IS a compliment, right? Right??? In an internet crammed with ‘thought leaders’, ‘gurus’ and ‘influencers’ (it’s impossible to write those without using quotes, isn’t it? If you don’t hate yourself, I mean), I guess it would […]

How to Write in a Consistent Tone of Voice When Your Mood Changes ALL THE GODDAMN TIME

You know what your voice sounds like. You write in it every day, after all. (Haha, just kidding. Did I make you feel inadequate by implying everyone else in the world writes every day?) The trouble is, this is a business you’re running here. And you need your voice to come out the same every time you write. You know, so you look consistent and professional. You don’t want to […]

Phase 4 of Untamed Writing

Since I created Untamed Writing back in early 2013, I’ve been gradually shifting it in the direction that feels right to me at the time. (Which is how I make most of my decisions.) And this year is going to be no exception. After I started my blogging hiatus back in December, I came to think of what I was working on behind the scenes as Phase 4 of Untamed […]

I’m Taking a Break from Blogging!

At the beginning of 2014 I made a commitment to publish a blog post once per week, every Wednesday. Then, at the start of this year, I decided to up the ante and blog twice a week, publishing every Tuesday and Thursday. And I’m proud to say that I have, for the most part, done it. Occasionally I’ve published a day or two late and then sneakily backdated (or, you […]

Why I Decided Not to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Earlier this year I decided I was going to start a new blog – a more personal one. A lifestyle blog. After a life-affirming week in Berlin, I remembered what life was all about (again), and that it shouldn’t all revolve around this business. I should do things like skydiving and travelling more and learning how to cook fish (I need to learn to do more than fry a goddamn […]

The One Skill You Must Master to Write an Engaging Blog

This may go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway because that’s just how I roll. And actually, it’s kind of the point. I can say this and you will read it, because you like reading what I have to say. So, what the fuck am I on about, you ask? I’m talking about the ability to write engagingly. In a way that makes people want to read […]

Fuck Perfection: You Need Consistency

Maybe you think becoming a successful freelance copywriter is all about being the best. About doing things perfectly. About knowing everything. And so you never even give it a shot, because hey, you’re probably just not good enough or smart enough to do this. I CALL BULLSHIT. (I know, right? BIG SURPRISE.) Yes, it obviously helps to be good at what you do, and to know some stuff. But guess […]

How to Write a Blog Post

People ask me what they should write about when they start a blog for their business. Makes sense, because having your own blog can help you become a successful, highly paid writer. I’m not going to tell you what to write. But I AM going to tell you how to write. 1. Be Helpful Write about your own experiences, your own challenges, and what you did to overcome them. The […]

How to Blog Every Week Without Fail

I’m writing this as I’m sat on a train down to Norwich to hang out with some of my writer friends. I’ve had a hectic two days because I learned on Sunday night that I’ve got to move out of my flat within, oh, three weeks. Naturally, I’ve gotten fuck all work done and have instead spent the past 48 hours frantically researching flats and arranging viewings, cramming them in […]