On Writing: How Much Description is TOO Much?

I started reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn last year, and god, it was dense. Now, I am not someone who perseveres through books she’s not enjoying. I will dump that shit faster than my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day. (Side note: I like the 10% rule. If you’re not interested by 10%, put the book down and move on. Also applies to boyfriends, probably.) But this book had […]

6 Lessons from Still Writing by Dani Shapiro

Still Writing is part memoir and part writing/creative living manual, and it is just full of gems. Obviously there’s enough wisdom in there to, well – to fill a book. So I’m going to share the stuff that resonated with me the most. Here are my favourite lessons from the book: The Story Starts When the Change Occurs There is the pattern, and then there is the dropped stitch that […]