How to Write in a Consistent Tone of Voice When Your Mood Changes ALL THE GOD DAMN TIME

You know what your voice sounds like. You write in it every day, after all. (Haha, just kidding. Did I make you feel inadequate by implying everyone else in the world writes every day?) The trouble is, this is a business you’re running here. And you need your voice to come out the same every time you write. You know, so you look consistent and professional. You don’t want to […]

9 Ways You’re Fucking Up Your Personal Brand’s Reputation

Having a personal-branded business doesn’t mean you can just do whatever the hell you want with it. I mean, you can, since it’s your business and whatever. But if you want to, you know, make money, you shouldn’t. Here are some things you should most def avoid: 1. Flaunting Your Lack of Confidence Wait, what? Unconfident people don’t flaunt anything, do they? Well, sure, maybe not overtly. But that doesn’t […]

Your Specialist Niche Isn’t Enough: How to Become the ONLY Choice

If you’ve done any research into building a business at all, you’ll know all about the importance of – *shudder* – niching down. In this progressively tighter-packed sardine tin we like to call the internet, everyone screams about the importance of ‘niching down’ and ‘standing out’ and ‘being different’. And this is true to an extent. Those things are important. But they are not ALL you need. You could have […]

3 Things I COULD Do to Increase Profits (But Don’t and Never Will, Thank You Very Fucking Much)

Back in November I wrote a post about 9 bits of business advice I gleefully ignore. Not long after I published it, I realised I’d missed out one of the worst offenders: POP-UPS. I’d intended to write a whole post devoted solely to tearing them down, but then a couple of other things I’d missed came to my attention. So fuck it, I am writing a new post featuring three […]

Is It Okay to Voice Your Political Opinions in Your Business?

After the trauma that was Donald Trump being elected as president last week, I posted a supportive message on Untamed Writing’s Facebook page for all my American readers who were suffering through it. What I did not expect was that someone would reply with, ‘Mourning? Are you kidding? I’m celebrating!’ Because no, I definitely was not kidding. My first reaction to this comment was simply to be astounded that someone […]

Should You Refer to Yourself as ‘We’ On Your Website?

Hey, so remember that time we talked about how fucking douchey it is to talk about yourself in the third person on your own website? Yeah, I’m really glad you decided to stop doing that, because ugh. So gross. But now there’s something else we need to address: your use of plural pronouns on your own website when you are the only person behind your website. There’s a growing trend […]

How to Attract Clients Who Understand Value (and Are Willing to Pay You What You’re Worth)

Last week we talked about how to identify and avoid clients who don’t understand value. You want to avoid those guys because, to put it simply, they won’t be willing to pay you what you’re worth – because they don’t understand the value you provide. So how do you attract clients who DO understand the value you provide? And are therefore willing to pay you handsomely for your services? There […]

Figuring Out Your Branding: Three Things That Matter

I’m away in Glasgow today for the Small is Beautiful micro business conference. But that’s by the by. What I really want to talk about is the hotel I’m staying in. It’s the CitizenM. Sorry, I mean citizenM – no caps. To give you an idea of the sort of place it is: everything is operated by a tablet here – ‘curtains’ (which are actually blinds) and ‘blinds’ (which are […]

The Most Irritating Mistake Business Owners Make When Writing Their Own Copy

‘I don’t think the quirky, casual style is going to work for us.’ ‘I like the copy, but will have too much personality and entertainment for my client. Dull and boring will be fine.’ These are actual words some of my earliest clients spoke to me. They were agencies, and I was writing copy for their clients. My clients didn’t want to risk coming across as unprofessional to their clients, […]

How to Write a Good Tagline

Is it obvious what your business is about as soon as somebody lands on your website? Because if it’s not, there’s a good chance the people who land on it won’t stick around for long – after all, they’re not really sure how you can help them, so why should they stick around? Some brands can get away with vague, non-descriptive taglines. I’m Lovin’ It Open Happiness Just Do It […]