Confidence and Mindset

9 Ways You’re Destroying Your Personal Brand’s Reputation

Having a personal-branded business doesn’t mean you can just do whatever the hell you want with it. I mean, you can, since it’s your business and whatever. But if you want to, you know, make money, you shouldn’t. Here are some things you should most def avoid: 1. Flaunting Your Lack of Confidence Wait, what? Unconfident people don’t flaunt anything, do they? Well, sure, maybe not overtly. But that doesn’t […]

A Life-Changing Mantra for the Unconfident Writer

Are you one of those writers who panics about not being good enough? I’m betting you are. I mean, there’s like an 80% chance that you are. Unless you’re not a writer and are just here for the awesome logo (LOOK CLOSER) and witty repartee, in which case, well, hi, I guess. But back to the 80% – I know you. I’ve met many people like you. The lack of […]


Before you dive into starting your own freelance writing business, I have to tell you this one thing: MOST OF THE ISSUES ALONG THE WAY ARE GOING TO BE IN YOUR HEAD. Yeah, you heard me. I’ve been teaching people to start their own freelance writing businesses for over three years now and I can almost immediately tell who’s going to be successful and who’s not. Or at least who’s […]

How I’m Handling This Brexit Bullshit

A week ago today, citizens across the UK flooded to polling stations to decide the fate of our country: to remain in the EU or to leave it. The polls closed at 10pm that night. Cue ten solid hours of me flicking back and forth between the results being announced live on the BBC and people responding to it on Twitter. Honest to god, you guys, at one point it […]

A Defence Against Everyone Who Says You Can’t

Almost four years ago to the day I listed out a few goals on a (now-defunct) blog: I have ulcerative colitis. I want to not have it any more. I want to make money for myself. I want to feel alive every day. I’m happy to say I’ve pretty much nailed all three now. Four years later, here I am, making money for myself and feeling alive. I even managed […]

Losing Motivation to Follow Your Dream? Try This.

Do you constantly scour the web looking for the next inspiring article to encourage you to go after your dreams, chase your passions, do what you love – and then promptly flip the kettle on, grab the cookies, and hunt down the next inspirational article? Yeah. You need to stop that. The occasional dose of inspiration is fine, sure. If you’ve hit a low point and need a kick up […]

Is Fear Keeping Your Freelance Writing Rates Low?

If you ever want to start making decent money from freelance writing, you must stop operating from a place of fear and scarcity – feeling like this client is the only client you’ll ever have, and that if you lose them, all else is lost too. If you’re always scared you’ll lose the client, you’ll never be able to put your rates up. Actually, scratch that. Because you will always […]

How to Get Over Your Fear of Starting a Copywriting Business

Something I get asked pretty often is whether I was scared when I decided to start a copywriting business – and what I did to get over that fear. Honestly, I don’t remember ever feeling scared. Excited, yes. In awe of the possibilities, yes. But scared? I don’t remember that. I don’t remember ever wondering if I would fail, or what I would do if I did. This probably has […]

How I Can Instantly Tell Who’s Going to Be a Successful Freelance Writer

I teach a lot of people how to become freelance writers. Some of them want me to reassure them they’re good enough writers. Some ask me questions about every tiny detail to make sure they’re doing it right. Some do their homework on the first day and some (*cough*most*cough*) leave it till the last minute. Some have relevant degrees, some don’t. Some have experience writing, some are coming from completely […]