Confidence and Mindset

The Top 4 Reasons Arrogant Freelance Writers Fail

I’ve talked a fair bit about why not having enough confidence will cause you to fail as a freelance writer. But what I’ve only touched on is how having too much confidence will cause you to fail. So let’s get into that now, shall we? Here are four signs you’re too arrogant to succeed as a freelance writer: 1. Refusing to Start from the Beginning You know (or believe) you’re […]

4 Things More Important for Freelance Writing Success Than Talent

I’ve met some cocky people in my time who seem to think that just because they’re talented writers, they deserve to be hugely successful freelancers. BUT THEY’RE WRONG. Writing ability is just one slice of the freelance-writing pie. Here are some other of the other slices: 1. Confidence Are you sick of me banging on about this yet? Well, tough, because I’m not done yet. You’re never going to become […]

How to Raise Your Copywriting Rates with Cheapskate Clients

I get asked this a lot. How do you raise your rates with clients who are paying you a pittance? So this is kind of a trick question. Or trick headline. Whatever. Because the thing is, trying to raise your rates with clients who don’t understand value is almost impossible. These guys view you as a commodity… so why should they pay you more than any other freelancer? In their […]

How to Become Confident

Alright, I’m going to admit straight up that I don’t exactly know how to become confident, because I’ve always been a confident person, ergo – never had to try to become confident. But I’m sure it can be done. So I’ve been thinking a lot about what confidence actually is, because surely if you know that, you can work on getting it. And, essentially, it comes down to one thing: […]

Are You Too Confident to Succeed as a Freelance Writer?

After working one-on-one with over 125 students who want to become freelance writers, something has become abundantly clear to me: confidence is one of the biggest determining factors in how well someone will do. You need confidence to make this work. But something else has become apparent to me, too. Something that surprised me. Something that those lacking in the confidence department may take heart in. And it’s this: There’s […]

The Top 3 Things That Stop Talented Freelance Writers Making Money

I work with a lot of newbie and aspiring writers, helping them start their own freelance copywriting businesses. And I could probably tell you within 5 minutes of talking to them which ones will struggle, despite being talented writers. Here are the big giveaways: 1. Lack of Confidence I’ve seen some pretty appalling writers go out and make money from freelancing, while talented writers flail behind, getting nowhere. And there’s […]

4 Work Arrangements a Respectable Freelance Writer Shuns

As a newbie freelancer writer, you may feel unsure about what’s acceptable and what’s not when a new client throws an offer at you. Well, here’s a warning for you: some clients are dickbags who want to take advantage of you. Here are some lines to watch out for: We’ll Pay If We Use It Oh my, will you? Why! That’s awfully generous of you. Oh no wait. No it […]

NEWSFLASH: You’re Going to Fuck Things Up Sometimes

When you’re only just getting started as a freelance writer, it’s nice to hide your total lack of experience behind emails. You can just about wing it via email, right? Because you have time to research stuff and think things through before you reply. But then it happens: YOUR CLIENT WANTS TO TALK ON THE PHONE. Here are a few things I’ve heard from my students recently: OMG! I’ve just […]

How to Do A Million More Things (Warning: Requires Sacrifice)

As you age, you get wrinkles and grey hair or bald patches. There is no perfect appearance. After you’ve cleaned the house, the dust and dirt slowly starts to gather again. There is no perfectly clean house. When you buy your dream shoes, the heels eventually wear down. There are no perfect shoes. Your favourite book when you were 16 might seem like total trash now. There are no perfect […]

Fuck Perfection: You Need Consistency

Maybe you think becoming a successful freelance copywriter is all about being the best. About doing things perfectly. About knowing everything. And so you never even give it a shot, because hey, you’re probably just not good enough or smart enough to do this. I CALL BULLSHIT. (I know, right? BIG SURPRISE.) Yes, it obviously helps to be good at what you do, and to know some stuff. But guess […]