3 Things to Do Before You Start Working with a Copywriting Client

When you’re a new freelance writer you may be tempted to dive into a project straight away, no questions asked, because you’re terrified the client will change their mind about working with you, or, worse, ‘find you out’ (omg, you’re new to this?!). You don’t want to do anything that would give you away as a newbie, so you pretend like everything’s cool, you’ve got this handled, and you’ll definitely […]

Alicia Armeli: An Untamed Writing Success Story

I’m super excited to share an interview with one of my former freelance writing students, Alicia Armeli, today. If you could pin down one main reason for wanting to become a freelance writer, what would it be? I love to write! It can’t get more simple than that. I think often throughout life people focus on what they should be doing or what is safest, but that’s not for me. […]

The Top 3 Things That Stop Talented Freelance Writers Making Money

I work with a lot of newbie and aspiring writers, helping them start their own freelance copywriting businesses. And I could probably tell you within 5 minutes of talking to them which ones will struggle, despite being talented writers. Here are the big giveaways: 1. Lack of Confidence I’ve seen some pretty appalling writers go out and make money from freelancing, while talented writers flail behind, getting nowhere. And there’s […]

Attention Newbie Copywriters: Your First Drafts Don’t Need to Be Perfect

A writer friend of mine was stressed to her eyeballs a couple of weeks ago, owing to a project she wasn’t sure how to tackle. She’d never done this type of writing before and wanted to make sure she got it right, naturally. Here’s what she said: It sounds like fairly straightforward stuff, and I’m trying to treat it as such, but I really am making it up as I […]

6 Things You’ll Miss When You Start Freelance Writing

1. Getting Paid Regularly Okay, so you should be getting paid regularly as a freelancer. But in the beginning, maybe not so much. And, of course, there will no longer be such a thing as ‘pay day’ in your life. Admittedly, I really don’t miss my weekly £200 paycheque, because if that was all the money I was getting each week now, I’d still be living with insane people instead […]

How to Take Time Off Without Killing Your Copywriting Business

Have you been wondering when the hell you’ll be able to take some time off from this exhausting business you decided to start? Possibly wondering what demon possessed you when you decided to quit your job, your lovely lovely job where you could book time off? You can’t just book a week off with your boss, knowing someone else will pick up the slack while you’re gone. Because without you, […]

How Much to Charge for Your Freelance Copywriting Services

One of the things I get asked most is exactly how much to charge for something. Sometimes people will email me entire messages from their prospective clients asking them how much they charge for something. And then they want me to tell them what their answer should be. But I can’t. I get it. I do. You’re afraid of getting it wrong. You’re afraid of charging the wrong amount and […]

Are You Doing This One Simple Thing to Help You Land More Copywriting Clients?

I don’t think this is something I’ve ever talked about before. Or even thought to mention. Because it just seems so god damn obvious. But it isn’t, apparently. So why am I mentioning it now? Because a student of mine pointed out in our Facebook group how doing this one ridiculously simple thing helped her land a new project with her best client: It’s baffling to me that there is […]

How to Ask for Testimonials from Your Copywriting Clients

When is the right time to ask for a testimonial? Is it okay to ask for a testimonial from someone you don’t intend to work with again, or for much longer? Is it okay to ask for them at all? And my answer to all of those is: HELL YES. (Except the first one, because that was not a yes/no question, so that would be weird.) Here’s what you need […]