Some Home Truths for Wannabe Freelance Writers

The perfect conditions will never arrive. You can’t flick a switch and everything will magically be different. You must take it step by step and make incremental changes. There no correct path. There’s no right way to do this. You’re going to have to do things you don’t want to do in order to get to where you want to be. You’re going to have to work at this every. […]

3 Things to Do Before You Start Working with a Freelance Writing Client

When you’re a new freelance writer you may be tempted to dive into a project straight away, no questions asked, because you’re terrified the client will change their mind about working with you, or, worse, ‘find you out’ (omg, you’re new to this?!). You don’t want to do anything that would give you away as a newbie, so you pretend like everything’s cool, you’ve got this handled, and you’ll definitely […]

Alicia Armeli: An Untamed Writing Success Story

I’m super excited to share an interview with one of my former freelance writing students, Alicia Armeli, today. Alicia’s the person who inspired me to write this post: How I Can Instantly Tell Who’s Going to Be a Successful Freelance Writer. If you could pin down one main reason for wanting to become a freelance writer, what would it be? I love to write! It can’t get more simple than […]

Darwin Ruiz: An Untamed Writing Success Story

I met Darwin over beers in San Francisco, after we became acquainted online through the Location Rebel forums. I told Darwin about this new idea I had for a course to teach people how to become freelance writers in the quickest and easiest way possible – the same way I had become a freelance writer – by doing SEO writing. A couple of months later, Darwin became one of my […]

Should You Offer Other Freelance Services Alongside Writing?

Someone who took my freelance writing course emailed me about his idea to add some other services to his new writing business – services such as web development, UX design, SEO, etc. He already has experience in them, so why not, right? One of his points was that, ‘Versatility can be your advantage, especially if you’re offering your services to small and medium sized businesses. They can’t afford to pay […]

What to Do When Your Copywriting Clients are Getting You Down

You’ve heard the old adage ‘the customer’s always right’, haven’t you? Course you have. You’re a human person with ears. Speaking from seven years of experience working in bars, I can report that that saying is utter bollocks. I once rejoiced in pissing off a snobbish elderly couple who were adamant that I MUST OPEN A FRESH BOTTLE OF WINE for them. I resolutely refused. ‘This wine is fine. I […]

How to Get Copywriting Clients as a Total Newbie – Without Lying About Your Experience

One of the biggest fears new freelancers have is being ‘found out’. Exposed as a fraud. Called out on their lack of experience. They worry that if a client guesses they’re totally new to this game, they won’t get hired. The trouble, of course, is that they also don’t want to be dishonest. They don’t want to lie and say they’ve done this a hundred times before. They dread the […]

How to Make Sure Freelance Writing Doesn’t Ruin Your Life

Ever been in this situation? You’ve got a shitload of work to do, but you’re putting it off just because, you know – procrastination. But the longer you put it off, the higher the pile gets, and the more you sit around fretting about your work but not actually doing it. And the worst part? You don’t do anything else during that time either. Well, nothing enjoyable anyway. Sure, you […]

How I Can Instantly Tell Who’s Going to Be a Successful Freelance Writer

I teach a lot of people how to become freelance writers. Some of them want me to reassure them they’re good enough writers. Some ask me questions about every tiny detail to make sure they’re doing it right. Some do their homework on the first day and some (*cough*most*cough*) leave it till the last minute. Some have relevant degrees, some don’t. Some have experience writing, some are coming from completely […]

The Number 1 Sign You’re a Professional Freelance Copywriter

I could talk about integrity right now, or talent, or good communication skills. Confidence, punctuality, ability to meet deadlines. Even initiative, being a ‘team member’, and all that other crap you used to write on your CV. (Because you don’t need a CV any more, amirite? Huzzah!) But the thing is, all of those things are worthless unless you have this one other trait. Without this singular trait, there’s no […]