Unproductive at Home? 4 Steps to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Completely separating work from home sounds nice in theory, doesn’t it? When you’re at home, you can relax. When you’re at your chosen work space, wherever that may be, you get shit done. But the main problem here is that when you rely on an external place to do your work, you’re also at the mercy of external factors. Here are a few things that can throw you off: There […]

On Grandmothers, Whips, and Productivity

‘Do you want me to come round with a whip?’ I just got off the phone with my grandmother, and that’s what she said to me. I know, right? Brilliant mental image for you right there. She’s about four foot four, has short white permed hair, watery blue eyes and folds of skin like a shar pei. And she’s threatening to lash me with a whip. ‘You get up in […]

Boost Your Productivity: How to Get Enough Sleep

If you’re just starting your own business – no, scratch that. If you’re any sort of business owner – whether you’re just starting out, in your first couple of years, or have been doing it for going on twenty years – you’re probably not getting enough sleep. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. SLEEPING WASTES PRECIOUS TIME. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m […]

Why You Should Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business

Sure, running your own business can be super stressful. What if you can’t find any clients? What if nobody will pay you what you’re worth? What if you’re not motivated enough to do any work? What if you hate it? How do you pay taxes? How do you send invoices? What if everyone thinks you’re shit? Plenty of stuff to put you off running a business, for sure. Most people […]