Feeling Lost and Directionless? I Was Too.

I went to my dad’s funeral in 2011. There, I met David. I’d never met or even heard of him before. He was one of my dad’s old friends. They used to go to the pub together. A smart, academic-type guy, we got chatting about what the hell I was going to do now. I’d just returned from backpacking, which was what I’d planned to keep doing for the foreseeable […]

Life as a Digital Nomad: The Worst of Both Worlds

I knew before I even left that it wasn’t the right thing to do, really. Looking back, it seems so obvious. But I had to make sure. I had to be absolutely certain, else live a life always wondering what if. The digital nomad life, eh? Full of promise, excitement, adventure. THE DREAM. I first came upon the idea back in 2011, when I was desperately trying to figure out […]

Reflections on 7 Weeks in Portugal as a Digital Nomad

I started writing this in The Marriott Hotel near Edinburgh airport. Right now I’m finishing it off on my mum’s sofa while she takes a nap. This is my new normal: working from random places. I don’t have my own desk or home office or, er, home, for that matter, any more. After nearly six years of living in Edinburgh, four of which were spent growing my business, I finally […]

How to Change Your Life When It’s Really Not That Bad

How many awesome things do you want to do with your life? Do you have a bucket list? Or a few secret dreams locked away in your brain? And how many of them are you delaying, waiting for the right time to do them? Here’s something I’ve realised lately: it’s easy to change your life when you cannot stand the way things are any more. It’s also easy to change […]

Nearly 6 Years Later, I’m Leaving Edinburgh and Hitting the Road

Back in 2010, I went backpacking for the second time. The first time was in 2008, when I worked at a summer camp in New Hampshire for a couple of months and then spent a few weeks travelling around the USA (with a side serving of Canada). That was meant to be a long, open-ended trip. But I fell in love with a boy back home before I left. Like, […]

Losing Motivation to Follow Your Dream? Try This.

Do you constantly scour the web looking for the next inspiring article to encourage you to go after your dreams, chase your passions, do what you love – and then promptly flip the kettle on, grab the cookies, and hunt down the next inspirational article? Yeah. You need to stop that. The occasional dose of inspiration is fine, sure. If you’ve hit a low point and need a kick up […]

My 5 Secrets for Morning Routines That Stick

I’ve tried again and again and again to figure out the best way to start my days – to find that mystical perfect morning routine. Should I exercise? Read? Write? Do something else? And what about meditation and all that other crap the ‘gurus’ (ugh) tell you to do? I got a little obsessed for a while. Mostly because I was frustrated I couldn’t figure it out. And then, slowly, […]

Life as a Freelancer and Mother of Toddlers: An Interview with Gina Horkey

I met Gina – a fellow freelance writer/biz owner – on Twitter a few months ago, and we quickly to decided to hop on a Google Hangout to get to know each other a bit better, as you do. (Oh internets, I love you.) Naturally I decided I wanted to interview her on my blog. And she agreed. And everything was joyous. Here’s how it went down: What do you […]

Life as a Digital Nomad and Fiction Editor: An Interview with Sophie Playle

Over the past year or so, Sophie Playle has become one of my closest friends. We first met when I took a trip down to Norwich, and she later came along to a conference in Berlin with me. We talk about business a lot, and I thought it’d be fun to share her perspective on running an online business from the road. So I interviewed her! What do you do? […]

How to Improve Your Life and Business by Conducting 28-Day Experiments

Something I started doing a few months ago is 28-day experiments. I’ve found that they’re an excellent way to make gradual changes to my work and lifestyle without too much pressure. I’m the kind of person who rebels against rules and is absolutely horrified at the thought of any sort of restriction placed on me, so saying I’m going to commit to doing something ‘forever’ – the way we often […]