In Defence of Social Media (and How It Can Be Awesome for Business)

I hate it when people are like holy shit, you need to spend less time on social media. It’s such a waste of time, man. Get out there into the real world. I mean seriously, what the fuck? You just know the people who say that are the type of douchenozzles who ‘streamline their processes’ and ‘optimise their days’ and ‘hack their lives’ and ‘make me want to stab myself […]

3 Things I COULD Do to Increase Profits (But Don’t and Never Will, Thank You Very Fucking Much)

Back in November I wrote a post about 9 bits of business advice I gleefully ignore. Not long after I published it, I realised I’d missed out one of the worst offenders: POP-UPS. I’d intended to write a whole post devoted solely to tearing them down, but then a couple of other things I’d missed came to my attention. So fuck it, I am writing a new post featuring three […]

Are You So Desperate for Cash You’re Destroying Your Biz?

I went to visit my old chiropractor the other morning. Oh god, it was so good. Nothing I like more than being put in awkward positions and having my back brutalised by a no-bullshit South African dude. He can even crack the right side of my neck, which no other chiropractor has ever been able to do. I CAN’T EVEN DO IT MYSELF. Needless to say, the man is a […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Cold Email Pitches

If you’re not getting responses to your cold emails, it’s highly likely you’re making one of these dumb mistakes. Or maybe all of them! Either way, you need to fix them if you want to get better results. 1. Forgetting to Replace Template Details If you work from a template message when you email leads, you’ll probably have things like INSERT NAME HERE and [cute detail about lead here] scattered […]

How to Ask for Testimonials

When is the right time to ask for a testimonial? Is it okay to ask for a testimonial from someone you don’t intend to work with again, or for much longer? Is it okay to ask for them at all? And my answer to all of those is: HELL YES. (Except the first one, because that was not a yes/no question, so that would be weird.) Here’s what you need […]

Want Everyone to Like You? Here’s Why You’ll Never Succeed

A few years ago, when I was but a mere 23, I worked at a summer camp in New Hampshire. (Yes, I like kids. Don’t look so surprised.) It was one of the best experiences of my life. Long, blissful days playing games, learning to survive in the wild, and dancing around campfires in the evenings like monsters. Good times. But when I first arrived, I didn’t know anyone. And […]

Should You List Your Rates on Your Website? Here’s How to Decide

It’s a tricky one. If you include your rates on your site, you might scare potential clients away or undersell yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t include them, people may decide finding out isn’t worth the hassle, or simply assume they can’t afford to hire you. Everyone’s case is different, and I’m going to help you decide what’s best for you. So – should you include your rates […]

Why You Don’t Have to Be the Best to Be Successful

There are already so many other people doing what you want to do, so why the hell would you succeed if you gave it a shot? The people who have already started their businesses and are making a success of it… those people are the best! They’re well-established. People have heard of them. They do such a great job, nobody will hire you when they can hire that spiffy guy […]

Why Zach Braff’s Kickstarter Made $2 Million in 5 Days

Zach Braff launched a Kickstarter project asking for $2 million to fund his new movie, Wish I Was Here, and it almost instantly flew past the $2 million mark. So, you might be wondering, how the fuck did he do that? Okay, so he’s a celebrity and he’s had a lot of publicity, but you know what? So’s Bjork, and her Kickstarter flopped like a tuna on a fishing trawler. […]

The Difference Between Web Copy and Web Content

If you have a website for your business, you’ve doubtless heard the terms ‘web copy’ and ‘web content’. But what the hell do they mean? And what’s the difference between the two? Well, this is the internet, where everything is ambiguous and open to interpretation. Which theoretically means there’s no right answer. But I’m going to give you one anyway, because what the hell is the point of this blog […]