Money Talk

Do You Think All Copywriting Clients Want to Pay a Pittance?

When I started outsourcing some of my content writing, back in the early days of my business – less than a year into it, in fact – I put out a call to find a writer who could help me with over a hundred 150-word pieces. That’s 15,000+ words. I got multiple offers, ranging from the out-of-my-budget and the would-cost-more-than-I’m-making rates to the ‘do you WANT to live on the […]

How Much to Charge for Your Freelance Copywriting Services

One of the things I get asked most is exactly how much to charge for something. Sometimes people will email me entire messages from their prospective clients asking them how much they charge for something. And then they want me to tell them what their answer should be. But I can’t. I get it. I do. You’re afraid of getting it wrong. You’re afraid of charging the wrong amount and […]

Are You Charging Enough? Learn from My Mistake

When I was a kid I used to sell friendship bracelets on the playground. No joke. My entrepreneurial adventures started young. And my friendship bracelets were the fucking best. Obviously. (I don’t do things by halves, in case you hadn’t noticed.) I did your basic plait, your mermaid beads, the er, zig-zaggy one. Fuck, I don’t know what they’re all called. Anyway, they were awesome. There was another girl who […]

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Freelance Writers Make When They First Start Out

1. Wavering on Price Know a pretty much guaranteed way to not get paid what you’re worth? Wavering on price. If you find yourself scrambling to accommodate somebody as soon as they ask for a discount, you’ve already lost. If you say ‘prices are negotiable’ on your website – ditto. Never ever give somebody a discount just because they ask for it. Ever. Stick to your guns and you won’t […]

How to Invoice Your Freelance Writing Clients

When I first started out, I had no idea how to invoice properly. As a result, my invoices were horrible. I made them in Word. There were tables (ugh, so many tables) and big fonts where I thought big fonts should be, and the total amount due stated about five times. It was messy and painstaking and I hated it, but it was several months before I found a better […]

Should You List Your Freelance Copywriting Rates on Your Website? Here’s How to Decide

It’s a tricky one. If you include your rates on your site, you might scare potential clients away or undersell yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t include them, people may decide finding out isn’t worth the hassle, or simply assume they can’t afford to hire you. Everyone’s case is different, and I’m going to help you decide what’s best for you. So – should you include your rates […]