8 Badass Ways to Procrastinate

Let’s be truthful here: everyone procrastinates. There is no way that even Tony Robbins doesn’t procrastinate SOMETIMES. Unless he is a robot. Hmm… Uh, anyway. I digress. My point is: YOU procrastinate, and so do I. But some ways to procrastinate are more badass than others. I think we can all agree that binging on Netflix and junk food is in the top 3 list of not-great ways to procrastinate […]

Do You Wish You Wrote More? JOIN ME ON THIS QUEST.

Ever got into such horrendous productivity habits that you end up like this: ‘Ugghhh. I need to write. But I can’t remember how. I hate myself.’ And then you stare vacantly into your coffee for three hours lamenting your entire life’s purpose and wondering if you will ever achieve anything worthwhile in this pitiful existence of yours. Uh, yeah, no. Me neither. But you do wish you wrote more, right? […]

Unproductive at Home? 4 Steps to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Last year I wrote a post about the importance of having a work space outside of your home. Because sometimes you just can’t get into the right frame of mind to work from home, right? It happens to all of us. We just don’t want to do the work. ‘Screw you, home office! I’m going to do some other very important tasks right now, like cleaning the bathroom, washing the […]

My 5 Secrets for Morning Routines That Stick

I’ve tried again and again and again to figure out the best way to start my days – to find that mystical perfect morning routine. Should I exercise? Read? Write? Do something else? And what about meditation and all that other crap the ‘gurus’ (ugh) tell you to do? I got a little obsessed for a while. Mostly because I was frustrated I couldn’t figure it out. And then, slowly, […]

The First 2 Things You Should Work on to Boost Productivity

Throughout my three years as a freelancer it’s become stupidly apparent to me that there are two main reasons my productivity gets fucked up. I mean like, HELLO PROCRASTINATION CITY fucked up. And I’d bet £124,500 these two things aren’t exclusive to me. And I don’t even have £124,500 kicking around, so that’s saying something. So, if your productivity leaves a fuck-ton to be desired, or even a fuck-gram (wait, […]

How to Improve Your Life and Business by Conducting 28-Day Experiments

Something I started doing a few months ago is 28-day experiments. I’ve found that they’re an excellent way to make gradual changes to my work and lifestyle without too much pressure. I’m the kind of person who rebels against rules and is absolutely horrified at the thought of any sort of restriction placed on me, so saying I’m going to commit to doing something ‘forever’ – the way we often […]

What I Learned from Going to My Work Space First Thing Every Morning

It was just over three weeks ago that I decided my new productivity experiment would be to get washed and dressed as soon as I got up every morning, and to head over to my unofficial office (i.e. a bench overlooking the sea inside a shopping centre) to do some work. Here’s what I said: I’m going to get washed and dressed straight away every morning, and I’m going to […]

How to Block Out Distractions and Focus on Your Work

I’ve spent the past two hours writing. I’m in a shopping centre that was playing godawful peppy music when I arrived. I’d been awake for approximately 45 minutes and was not ready for godawful peppy music. I’m never ready for that shit. It was early in the day, so there wasn’t much ambient sound to help muffle the noise. Unfortunately, I’m not somebody who can easily work with music in […]