Losing Motivation to Follow Your Dream? Try This.

Do you constantly scour the web looking for the next inspiring article to encourage you to go after your dreams, chase your passions, do what you love – and then promptly flip the kettle on, grab the cookies, and hunt down the next inspirational article? Yeah. You need to stop that. The occasional dose of inspiration is fine, sure. If you’ve hit a low point and need a kick up […]

Unproductive at Home? 4 Steps to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Completely separating work from home sounds nice in theory, doesn’t it? When you’re at home, you can relax. When you’re at your chosen work space, wherever that may be, you get shit done. But the main problem here is that when you rely on an external place to do your work, you’re also at the mercy of external factors. Here are a few things that can throw you off: There […]

How to Block Out Distractions and Focus on Your Work

I’ve spent the past two hours writing. I’m in a shopping centre that was playing godawful peppy music when I arrived. I’d been awake for approximately 45 minutes and was not ready for godawful peppy music. I’m never ready for that shit. It was early in the day, so there wasn’t much ambient sound to help muffle the noise. Unfortunately, I’m not somebody who can easily work with music in […]

Why You Need a Designated Work Space Outside Your Home

This is my go-to spot when I can’t get my brain in gear to do any work at home. But as soon as I sit here (which is where I am right now) – BAM, work happens. Writing, usually. There’s no internet, which helps, but even if there were, I know I’d still find it easier to get shit done. If you, like me, sometimes struggle to get your shit […]

Why I Was on the Streets in My Pyjamas, and What I Learned

Okay, so here’s what happened. Around 8.20 Friday morning, my buzzer goes. I answer it and this guy says in a singsong voice, ‘Postman!’ Now, the postman does usually buzz me, but he never sings, and he’s never usually this early. I was suspicious but I let him in anyway because what if the postman was just feeling super jovial this morning? Watching through my spyhole, I see three people […]

On Grandmothers, Whips, and Productivity

‘Do you want me to come round with a whip?’ I just got off the phone with my grandmother, and that’s what she said to me. I know, right? Brilliant mental image for you right there. She’s about four foot four, has short white permed hair, watery blue eyes and folds of skin like a shar pei. And she’s threatening to lash me with a whip. ‘You get up in […]

How to Blog Every Week Without Fail

I’m writing this as I’m sat on a train down to Norwich to hang out with some of my writer friends. I’ve had a hectic two days because I learned on Sunday night that I’ve got to move out of my flat within, oh, three weeks. Naturally, I’ve gotten fuck all work done and have instead spent the past 48 hours frantically researching flats and arranging viewings, cramming them in […]

When You’re Feeling Shitty and Don’t Want to Do Your Work

So you know when you’ve had a shit day – when your client didn’t like your first draft, another pitch was rejected, somebody asked for a refund? When you feel like crawling into a hole, ordering pizza, skipping your workout, and binging House of Cards while ignoring everything else in the world? You know: pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist rather than doing what needs to be done. […]

Boost Your Productivity: How to Get Enough Sleep

If you’re just starting your own business – no, scratch that. If you’re any sort of business owner – whether you’re just starting out, in your first couple of years, or have been doing it for going on twenty years – you’re probably not getting enough sleep. THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. SLEEPING WASTES PRECIOUS TIME. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m […]