What I Read in April, May and June 2017

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these columns. I’m going to be honest: I planned to stop writing them. But then I changed my mind (because it’s fun) so here I am again. It will soon become clear that part of the reason I decided to stop was because, er, I haven’t been reading much? Oops. Anyway, whatever. Here we are. What I Read in April, May […]

What I Read in February 2017

Wow. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I did not read during February. I finished a grand total of one book, which is bad by my standards (though, er, not unheard of). I credit this abysmal reading month largely to the fact that I spent most of it in Seville, staying in an apartment with literally nowhere comfortable to sit and read. Although lying on the bed is one of […]

What I Read in January 2017

A new exciting year of reading is ahead of us! Me? My year got off to a decidedly Japanese start, with my first three books all being about Japan or by Japanese authors. And then after that I read another book which was not at all Japanese and not as good. Correlation? Coincidence? Who can say. Here’s what I read: What I Read in January Attack on Titan, Vol. 20, […]

What I Read in December 2016

Ooh, the final month of the year and my last chance to hit my target of 75 books for the year. Did I make it? Didn’t I? COURSE I DID. On 31 December, naturally. I racked up a few more reads after I returned to Edinburgh for the holidays, making up for my rather lacklustre reading efforts throughout September, October and November. So, without further ado, here’s what I read […]

What I Read in October & November 2016

Hahaha and I thought September was a bad month for my reading habits. After all, I only read two books that month. But then October happened and I read a grand total of one book, hence not publishing a ‘What I Read’ post last month. To be honest November was pretty crap too, but at least now I’ve got enough to warrant a blog post. (December’s gonna be a busy […]

What I Read in September 2016

Oof, this has easily been my worst month of the year so far for reading. I didn’t even make any attempt to read a few shorties as the last few days of September rolled by. That means I only read TWO books last month, which is a sorry state of affairs. I was travelling quite a bit, so I suppose I can sort of be excused… except that I travelled […]

What I Read in August 2016

I got off to a sloooow start with my reading in August. Halfway through the month and I’d barely finished one book. CRISIS. I can’t really complain, though, because my lacklustre reading efforts were owing to my jaunt around the US. Fortunately I picked up the pace when I returned home and racked up six more reads. CRISIS AVERTED. What I Read in August The Outward Urge, by John Wyndham […]

What I Read in May & June 2016

Whoops! Totally neglected to write my reading list for May, so I’m including it here. What I Read in May & June On Corpulence: Feeding the Body and Feeding the Mind, by William Banting and Lewis Carroll Finished on 6 May – Paperback This is a little book of just two essays. One on feeding the body and one on feeding the mind (obvs). Interestingly, the essay on feeding the […]