Why I Don’t Want to Learn to Read Faster, Thanks

Fuck those articles, man. They’re everywhere. You know the ones I mean, right? How to 10X Your Reading Speed and Never Have to Savour a Book Again! I suspect these are written with information gatherers in mind rather than people who read for joy. But still, what the hell? And then there are those ‘reading’ apps that will allow you to gather all the salient points from a book without […]

On Writing: How Much Description is TOO Much?

I started reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn last year, and god, it was dense. Now, I am not someone who perseveres through books she’s not enjoying. I will dump that shit faster than my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day. (Side note: I like the 10% rule. If you’re not interested by 10%, put the book down and move on. Also applies to boyfriends, probably.) But this book had […]

6 Lessons from Still Writing by Dani Shapiro

Still Writing is part memoir and part writing/creative living manual, and it is just full of gems. Obviously there’s enough wisdom in there to, well – to fill a book. So I’m going to share the stuff that resonated with me the most. Here are my favourite lessons from the book: The Story Starts When the Change Occurs There is the pattern, and then there is the dropped stitch that […]

Do You Have to Enjoy Reading to Be a Good Writer?

Sometimes I wonder if learning about music and how it works would make me appreciate it less. Like the magic would be gone. ‘Oh, I know how they did that! HA! That’s not impressive at all!’ How do people put together sounds that make sense and are rhythmic and pleasant to listen to? What exactly is a chord, anyway? How do you make the lyrics match the music? Or is […]