Student Success Stories

How Maison Created a Badass Comedy Copywriting Brand

This week I’m talking to Maison Piedfort, a hilarious badass from Charleston, South Carolina. And, just to clear up any confusion about how sophisticated she is, that’s pronounced Mason Peedfort. Maison took my freelance writing course back in November 2015, and her business turned one on 30 November. A proud day! Oh, and Maison herself turned 23 yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAISON. My gift to you is an interview on my […]

How André Quit His Job, Emigrated to London and Became a Freelance Writer

This week I’m talking to André Spiteri, a veteran student of mine who now makes his living completely from freelance writing. André, originally from Malta, took my freelance writing course back in September 2015. Here’s his story: Why did you want to become a freelance writer? As a child, I spent many summers holed up in my room writing short stories (and a terrible novel). I figured when I grew […]

From English Teacher to Freelance Copywriter: Mary Clark Rardin’s Success Story

Back in 2014, Mary Clark Rardin – originally from Memphis – was living and working in Costa Rica, teaching English. She did that for four years. Sounds awesome, right? But Mary Clark was ready for a change, and she wanted that change to include writing for a living. Enter: Untamed Writing. Mary Clark signed up for my freelance writing course in August 2014 and now makes a full-time living as […]

James Robinson: An Untamed Writing Success Story

James, from the UK, took my freelance writing course way back in August 2014. James was a star pupil of mine, and I’ve loved watching his progress – both in business and in life. Not long after completing the course, he moved to Australia for a year, and in a few days he’ll be heading to Whistler, Canada. Talk about taking advantage of the lifestyle! But I’ll let him tell […]

Alicia Armeli: An Untamed Writing Success Story

I’m super excited to share an interview with one of my former freelance writing students, Alicia Armeli, today. Alicia’s the person who inspired me to write this post: How I Can Instantly Tell Who’s Going to Be a Successful Freelance Writer. If you could pin down one main reason for wanting to become a freelance writer, what would it be? I love to write! It can’t get more simple than […]

Darwin Ruiz: An Untamed Writing Success Story

I met Darwin over beers in San Francisco, after we became acquainted online through the Location Rebel forums. I told Darwin about this new idea I had for a course to teach people how to become freelance writers in the quickest and easiest way possible – the same way I had become a freelance writer – by doing SEO writing. A couple of months later, Darwin became one of my […]