What I Read This Month

What I Read in August 2017

AHHHHH. It’s September already. I set the goal at the start of the year to read 75 books (which is what I managed last year). In August, I added only another three to my tally. Which means I’ve got 58 books still to read (I’ve already read one so far this month) before the end of the year. That’s like, less than 17 weeks away. It works out to around […]

Why I Don’t Want to Learn to Read Faster, Thanks (Plus What I Read in July 2017)

Fuck those articles, man. They’re everywhere. You know the ones I mean, right? How to 10X Your Reading Speed and Never Have to Savour a Book Again! I suspect these are written with information gatherers in mind rather than people who read for joy. But still, what the hell? And then there are those ‘reading’ apps that will allow you to gather all the salient points from a book without […]

What I Read in April, May and June 2017

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these columns. I’m going to be honest: I planned to stop writing them. But then I changed my mind (because it’s fun) so here I am again. It will soon become clear that part of the reason I decided to stop was because, er, I haven’t been reading much? Oops. Anyway, whatever. Here we are. What I Read in April, May […]

What I Read in February 2017

Wow. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I did not read during February. I finished a grand total of one book, which is bad by my standards (though, er, not unheard of). I credit this abysmal reading month largely to the fact that I spent most of it in Seville, staying in an apartment with literally nowhere comfortable to sit and read. Although lying on the bed is one of […]

What I Read in January 2017

A new exciting year of reading is ahead of us! Me? My year got off to a decidedly Japanese start, with my first three books all being about Japan or by Japanese authors. And then after that I read another book which was not at all Japanese and not as good. Correlation? Coincidence? Who can say. Here’s what I read: What I Read in January Attack on Titan, Vol. 20, […]

What I Read in December 2016

Ooh, the final month of the year and my last chance to hit my target of 75 books for the year. Did I make it? Didn’t I? COURSE I DID. On 31 December, naturally. I racked up a few more reads after I returned to Edinburgh for the holidays, making up for my rather lacklustre reading efforts throughout September, October and November. So, without further ado, here’s what I read […]

What I Read in October & November 2016

Hahaha and I thought September was a bad month for my reading habits. After all, I only read two books that month. But then October happened and I read a grand total of one book, hence not publishing a ‘What I Read’ post last month. To be honest November was pretty crap too, but at least now I’ve got enough to warrant a blog post. (December’s gonna be a busy […]

What I Read in September 2016

Oof, this has easily been my worst month of the year so far for reading. I didn’t even make any attempt to read a few shorties as the last few days of September rolled by. That means I only read TWO books last month, which is a sorry state of affairs. I was travelling quite a bit, so I suppose I can sort of be excused… except that I travelled […]

What I Read in August 2016

I got off to a sloooow start with my reading in August. Halfway through the month and I’d barely finished one book. CRISIS. I can’t really complain, though, because my lacklustre reading efforts were owing to my jaunt around the US. Fortunately I picked up the pace when I returned home and racked up six more reads. CRISIS AVERTED. What I Read in August The Outward Urge, by John Wyndham […]