Working from Home

5 Reasons I Wanted to Quit Being a Freelance Copywriter

I have a confession. Ever since I moved back to Edinburgh after quitting my digital nomad adventures, I’ve been wondering about – oh god, can I even say it? – getting a J.O.B. Like, now that I’m based permanently in one city, would it be better to get a job rather than continue to be freelance? Obviously I have no intention of going back to barwork. CHRIST NO. For one […]

Unproductive at Home? 4 Steps to Make Your Home Office Work for You

Completely separating work from home sounds nice in theory, doesn’t it? When you’re at home, you can relax. When you’re at your chosen work space, wherever that may be, you get shit done. But the main problem here is that when you rely on an external place to do your work, you’re also at the mercy of external factors. Here are a few things that can throw you off: There […]

How to Make Sure Freelance Writing Doesn’t Ruin Your Life

Ever been in this situation? You’ve got a shitload of work to do, but you’re putting it off just because, you know – procrastination. But the longer you put it off, the higher the pile gets, and the more you sit around fretting about your work but not actually doing it. And the worst part? You don’t do anything else during that time either. Well, nothing enjoyable anyway. Sure, you […]

Why You Need a Designated Work Space Outside Your Home

This is my go-to spot when I can’t get my brain in gear to do any work at home. But as soon as I sit here (which is where I am right now) – BAM, work happens. Writing, usually. There’s no internet, which helps, but even if there were, I know I’d still find it easier to get shit done. If you, like me, sometimes struggle to get your shit […]

Why You Need a Community as a Freelance Writer (and How to Find One)

When you decided to become a freelance writer, did you feel scared? Alone? Like you were operating in a vacuum and nobody around you understood how you felt or why you wanted to do this? Yeah. Me too. I remember when I decided to start my own business, before I had done anything other than dream about it and read about it. It didn’t feel real. I hadn’t actually done […]

When You’re Feeling Shitty and Don’t Want to Do Your Work

So you know when you’ve had a shit day – when your client didn’t like your first draft, another pitch was rejected, somebody asked for a refund? When you feel like crawling into a hole, ordering pizza, skipping your workout, and binging House of Cards while ignoring everything else in the world? You know: pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist rather than doing what needs to be done. […]