Working with Clients

I Was Hired to Write for the Guardian – Here’s How It Went Down

It all began one lazy February morning. There I was, sat in my pyjamas with my seventeenth cup of coffee close to hand, refreshing my email, Facebook and Twitter over and over again. Probably. I can’t remember. It was February. After I’d refreshed my inbox for the one thousand and sixty-fifth time, there it was, just sitting there. An email titled: Article for the Guardian? My eyes narrowed in suspicion. […]

3 Things to Do Before You Start Working with a Copywriting Client

When you’re a new freelance writer you may be tempted to dive into a project straight away, no questions asked, because you’re terrified the client will change their mind about working with you, or, worse, ‘find you out’ (omg, you’re new to this?!). You don’t want to do anything that would give you away as a newbie, so you pretend like everything’s cool, you’ve got this handled, and you’ll definitely […]

Are You Doing This One Simple Thing to Help You Land More Copywriting Clients?

I don’t think this is something I’ve ever talked about before. Or even thought to mention. Because it just seems so god damn obvious. But it isn’t, apparently. So why am I mentioning it now? Because a student of mine pointed out in our Facebook group how doing this one ridiculously simple thing helped her land a new project with her best client: It’s baffling to me that there is […]

How to Ask for Testimonials from Your Copywriting Clients

When is the right time to ask for a testimonial? Is it okay to ask for a testimonial from someone you don’t intend to work with again, or for much longer? Is it okay to ask for them at all? And my answer to all of those is: HELL YES. (Except the first one, because that was not a yes/no question, so that would be weird.) Here’s what you need […]

How to Make a Shit First Impression and Never Score Any Clients

First impressions are crucial in business. If you make the wrong one, you can pretty much guarantee you won’t land the client. Here’s how to do it: Be Arrogant Alright, so you’re good at what you do and you know it. Congratulations. No, seriously. That’s a great thing you’ve accomplished – not many people manage it. Now yield that belief in yourself for the power of EVIL. Here are a […]

Why Your Integrity Matters as a Freelance Writer (and the Tale of My Own Stupidity)

Last week I witnessed a pretty poor judgement call (alright, it was a pisspoor judgement call) unravel into the downfall and excommunication of a member from a forum I’m a part of. The short version is that said excommunicated member plagiarised another member’s copy. And then posted it in the forums for all to see. Not smart. I don’t want to publicly out him, so let’s call him Dingbat. I […]

The 6 Biggest Mistakes Freelance Writers Make When They First Start Out

1. Wavering on Price Know a pretty much guaranteed way to not get paid what you’re worth? Wavering on price. If you find yourself scrambling to accommodate somebody as soon as they ask for a discount, you’ve already lost. If you say ‘prices are negotiable’ on your website – ditto. Never ever give somebody a discount just because they ask for it. Ever. Stick to your guns and you won’t […]

How to Ask Your Clients Questions Without Feeling Like an Idiot

Do you ever get briefs from your clients and not know exactly what’s expected of you? And do you then delve into the work headfirst without asking any questions, because you’re worried you’ll come across as an amateur otherwise? There’s this underlying feeling many newbie freelancers have that they should just know what their clients want. They assume that, because they’re new to the game, they have a big gap […]

The 4 Traits You Need to Become a Well-Paid Freelance Writer

Anyone can become a freelancer. Make a website, tell people what you do, and then go hunting for clients. Simple. Easy. You can even just create a profile on oDesk – no need to bother making a website of your own. But there’s a big difference between the freelancer who’s scraping by, living on instant noodles and ham sandwiches, and the one who’s making so much money they don’t even […]

Why You Don’t Have to Be the Best to Be Successful

There are already so many other people doing what you want to do, so why the hell would you succeed if you gave it a shot? The people who have already started their businesses and are making a success of it… those people are the best! They’re well established. People have heard of them. They do such a great job, nobody will hire you when they can hire that spiffy […]