Working with Clients

I Was Hired to Write for the Guardian – Here’s How It Went Down

It all began one lazy February morning. There I was, sat in my pyjamas with my seventeenth cup of coffee close to hand, refreshing my email, Facebook and Twitter over and over again. Probably. I can’t remember. It was February. After I’d refreshed my inbox for the one thousand and sixty-fifth time, there it was, just sitting there. An email titled: Article for the Guardian? My eyes narrowed in suspicion. […]

How I Persuaded a Cheapskate Copywriting Client to Pay Me More Than Double

Three years ago, when I was still a new freelance writer, I found a potential new client. Most of my clients at that point were people who wanted SEO articles. This woman ended up being one of my first ever copywriting clients. She wanted the content for two websites rewriting, both of which offered the same services but with different branding. She wanted 16 pages for each website. What the […]

Is Fear Keeping Your Freelance Writing Rates Low?

If you ever want to start making decent money from freelance writing, you must stop operating from a place of fear and scarcity – feeling like this client is the only client you’ll ever have, and that if you lose them, all else is lost too. If you’re always scared you’ll lose the client, you’ll never be able to put your rates up. Actually, scratch that. Because you will always […]

3 Things to Do Before You Start Working with a Freelance Writing Client

When you’re a new freelance writer you may be tempted to dive into a project straight away, no questions asked, because you’re terrified the client will change their mind about working with you, or, worse, ‘find you out’ (omg, you’re new to this?!). You don’t want to do anything that would give you away as a newbie, so you pretend like everything’s cool, you’ve got this handled, and you’ll definitely […]

What to Do When Your Copywriting Clients are Getting You Down

You’ve heard the old adage ‘the customer’s always right’, haven’t you? Course you have. You’re a human person with ears. Speaking from seven years of experience working in bars, I can report that that saying is utter bollocks. I once rejoiced in pissing off a snobbish elderly couple who were adamant that I MUST OPEN A FRESH BOTTLE OF WINE for them. I resolutely refused. ‘This wine is fine. I […]

How to Get Copywriting Clients as a Total Newbie – Without Lying About Your Experience

One of the biggest fears new freelancers have is being ‘found out’. Exposed as a fraud. Called out on their lack of experience. They worry that if a client guesses they’re totally new to this game, they won’t get hired. The trouble, of course, is that they also don’t want to be dishonest. They don’t want to lie and say they’ve done this a hundred times before. They dread the […]

11 Signs Your Freelance Writing Client is a Bit of a Tosspot

Not all clients are great clients. If your clients do any of these things, there’s a strong chance they fall into the tosspot category: 1. Bring Agreed-Upon Deadlines Forward It’s as if signing a contract means NOTHING to them. 2. Quietly Add Extra Work to the Project Without Expecting to Pay More Commonly known as ‘scope creep’. Those rat-bastards! 3. Take an Ice Age to Answer Your Emails So approximately […]

How to Raise Your Copywriting Rates with Cheapskate Clients

I get asked this a lot. How do you raise your rates with clients who are paying you a pittance? So this is kind of a trick question. Or trick headline. Whatever. Because the thing is, trying to raise your rates with clients who don’t understand value is almost impossible. These guys view you as a commodity… so why should they pay you more than any other freelancer? In their […]

The One Thing You Need to Learn to Say to Crappy Copywriting Clients

I’m about to blow your mind: you don’t have to take on every single client who’s willing to give you money. If somebody approaches you with work and you get a big old case of the heebie jeebies – you just know something is not right here – you can tell them to fuck off. I mean, you probably shouldn’t say it like that, but you know what I mean. […]

Are You Doing This One Simple Thing to Help You Land More Copywriting Clients?

I don’t think this is something I’ve ever talked about before. Or even thought to mention. Because it just seems so god damn obvious. But it isn’t, apparently. So why am I mentioning it now? Because a student of my freelance writing course pointed out in our Facebook group how doing this one ridiculously simple thing helped her land a new project with her best client: It’s baffling to me […]