Writing Craft

On Writing: How Much Description is TOO Much?

I started reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn last year, and god, it was dense. Now, I am not someone who perseveres through books she’s not enjoying. I will dump that shit faster than my boyfriend the day before Valentine’s Day. (Side note: I like the 10% rule. If you’re not interested by 10%, put the book down and move on. Also applies to boyfriends, probably.) But this book had […]

How to Make Your Writing Slick as Fuck

I’m about to share with you my number one tip for improving your writing tenmillionfold. Yes, TENMILLIONFOLD. It’s very simple, but most people find it hard to do. Are you ready? Here it is: Cut out ALL unnecessary words. Use the fewest words possible to convey your meaning. Brutally cut out all words that do not need to be there. I’m not kidding: be an asshole to your words. Delete […]

How to Make Your Sentences Sing

I’m always excited when I stumble on a piece of writing advice I’ve never heard before. Something original. Something other than ‘cut out all unnecessary words’ or ‘write in the active voice’. And let’s not forget ‘learn how to use semicolons properly or stop using them’ or ‘please GOD stop splicing commas’. All excellent advice. But I’ve seen (and said) each of these many times over. Which is why I […]

1 Fabulous Tip for Giving Your Writing More Punch

You’ve heard all about how adverbs and adjectives are the tools of bad writers, right? That a good writer doesn’t need them? WELL. Although I do think adverbs and adjectives have their place, and I use them pretty often myself, I also know of this fabulous trick you can use to help you eliminate ‘em AND give your writing more punch. Just kidding, it’s not a trick. It’s verbs! Yay! […]